Zorina D. Dimitrova

Zorina D. Dimitrova
Standart consultation 50 min: 120.00€
Extended consultation 90 min: 160.00€
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Zorina D. Dimitrova

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Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my profile!

Have you been waiting for something to give you the needed push to start following your purpose? Are you dreaming of a job, or business that would have you enjoy financial freedom and leave you free time? And do you want to share your natural talents with the world?

I have asked myself the same questions. Very often we feel overwhelmed to know what’s next? We have the feeling we have given it all to the children, or to our partner, or that the right opportunities always knock on other people's doors.

I help people shortcut the process of getting out of their funk and getting back on track with their life purpose. Depending on your preferred approach, we will use mindset techniques, top class business concepts, or both to get you to the desired business. This is the business that will make the best use of your talents, skills and resources and will be in line with your career purpose.

On our youtube channel I talk a lot about relationships. Time and time again, I have realized that no professional, nor business success can replace the joy and fulfillment good relationships bring. If you choose to work with me, I will take you through a structured, yet intuitive process to help you discover your life calling. You will improve your relationships. You will structure your business idea and take action to making it happen.

We will approach your business idea from a holistic place, yet from a structured, strategic angle. I will give you a hand on making a proper business plan backed by an impeccable business model. Finally, I will also give you a hand in approaching investors, if this is how you see your path.

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Areas of activity
  • Business consulting and trainings
  • Holistic life and love consulting
  • Spirituality and philosophy talks

Educaton (Diplomas and Certificates)

Master of Business Administration, ESADE Business School

Bachelor of Business Administration, The Hague University

- More than 10 years experience in strategy and finance

- More than 10 years involvement in the start-up eco-sphere

- More than 10 years experience with mindfulness practices:

- Silva ESP(extrasensory projection) mind control practitioner

- Reiki practitioner

Profesional field
    Love and Relationships
    Life advice
    Startup & business advice
    Personal development