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Why you need to bring your body into alignment with your goals

As Zorina mentioned in a recent blog post – you can’t manifest without taking care of your body. Your body needs to feel good.

But there is more to it. Your body also needs to feel aligned, free and able to go after what you want to make happen. If you experience unconscious resistance, like fears, doubts, shame or similar in relation to your goal, your body will hold those emotions and they will work against your manifestation efforts.

How do you know if your body is aligned?

By listening to it, tuning in to it.

Let’s imagine you are wanting to manifest a particular type of opportunity, like collaborating with a particular company. You did some thinking around the issue and remembered that you have someone in your network (let’s call him “Mike”) who can very likely get in touch with someone at that company to have a chat about your idea.

But you don’t approach your contact! You keep writing it on your to-do list, but it doesn’t happen. Why?

Maybe you notice that you have started to make excuses like “Mike is always so busy”, “he won’t be able to help me”, “I am not sure if this will really be the right opportunity”, or similar.

What is really going on though? Why are you resisting making the phone call?

Maybe, because you actually don’t feel fully comfortable contacting Mike. It might be subtle, but what might be stopping you to take that small bit of action is that you are worried about a negative reaction from Mike. Maybe there are parts of you that fear he will laugh at you for asking, reject you, ignore you, don’t do what you want him to do.

Something within you keeps pushing the action you need to take away – in this example – out of worry for some negative repercussion.  

Is the threat real? Well, obviously not. You don’t know yet how Mike will react. But your subconscious is doing some future projecting that doesn’t feel great – and something in your body and energy field tenses up. The result? No action taken, the dream advanced no further.

How do you get yourself out of that loop?

Option a) You notice the resistance, push through it and pick up the phone anyway. If after recognizing the original resistance, you feel like “actually, this isn’t so hard to do after all” and you can do it anyway – do it.

Option b) You notice the resistance, but it feels too overwhelming to take the action anyway. In that case, you have to slow down. Allow yourself to take some time with this issue, so it can be fully resolved. Take a deep breath or two, and if it feels right, tune into your body and get really intimate with that feeling of resistance. Why does it not feel good to call Mike? Is it fear? Worry? Anger? Shame?

Can you identify the feeling?

So often this needs to be the first, but nevertheless very powerful step. And once you identified it, can you maybe even lean into it a little, giving it full permission to exist in your body?

The more space you give the uncomfortable feeling to exist, the more likely it will shift and change and make room for something lighter, brighter and more wholesome. You might even get some insights as to why it was there in the first place. E.g. maybe Mike reminded you of someone who used to shout at you. Or you realized that you weren’t exactly sure what role you want Mike to have in your life in the long run.

These insights can be interesting and sometimes enlightening, but ultimately what matters is if the feeling that was hindering you to take the action will dissipate, leaving you with an unblocked path ahead.

In Embodiment Coaching will help you to do exactly that. You find the emotion that hinders you from moving forward, see what it needs to relax and disappear and give it what it needs until you experience an opening into which more light and more warmth can flow. You dissolve your internal blockages on a cellular level so that they will no longer hinder you.

The difference between using the process on yourself versus doing it with a practitioner is largely one of extent and depth. Sometimes, getting still and intimate with your body and emotions is all that is needed for you to get your breakthrough. At other times, though, you might not be able to get to the release on your own, or you might not even realize that there is a block and instead just loop around particular goals or dreams, without being able to move them forward much.

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