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What is the BEST Energy Healing Method?

What is the BEST energy healing method?

My first encounter with energy healing were the so called extrasensory people that sprewed up at the time of post-communism in Bulgaria, where I grew up.

One such character was the famous in my home town Aleksej. He was able to foresee the future, clear obsessions by demons and do energy healing by laying hands. Allegedly, he healed clients from all sorts of diseases, including the supposedly incurable ones. Years later he himself, passed away with the very same disease he had healed in others.

The thing with energy healing could be tricky. There are layers and layers of it, as if you are peeling an onion. Some practitioners restrict themselves tо whatever modality they have learned and it works well for them and their clients. Take reiki healing, for instance – it does work miracles! I have received reiki, am initiated in it and have been applying it for years. The good thing about this type of energy healing is that it does not use the practitioner’s own energy. But rather the energy from the Universe Rei (light)- ki (living force).

This makes it easier for the reiki healer to, firstly – keep safe from depleting their own energy. And secondly, to protect themselves from energy interexchange with the client and with external entities. This later side effect, is something that is very common with energy healing practitioners, and even with coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists.

Energy Healing

Let me side track for a bit: you know how the abundance teachers talk about your wealth being the average of the wealth of the 5 people you hang out with the most? If you think about it – you may discover that this is only half-way true. Especially, with lock-downs and isolation – the 5 people you mostly hang out with are probably not so much your regular peeps and colleagues but your family. So, let’s break down this rule to find out what’s beneath it, shall we?

The 5 people you mostly hang around with represent the energy you are most likely to copy from, as we do have energy exchange with our environments. However, with most of our interaction now online, these 5 people may be the people we talk to on the phone. Online influencers, or even distant energy healing helpers.

So far this carries a number of conclusions.

Number 1:

Your energy, whether you are an energy healer, or the one receiving the energy healing – interacts with the energy of the other person. The physical interaction only makes the effect stronger but it is not privvy to it. So – as an energy healer you need regular energy cleansing and protection, and as a receiver of energy healing – you will need to choose your healer wisely, and also apply energetic protection. I know of at least two cases from the top of my head, where people copied the diseases of their relatives (I’m not talking about genetic diseases.).

Number 2:

The copying of energy seems to happen from the people you put your focus on to your own energy. And not necessarily ONLY from the ones, who are physically around you.

Number 3:

When participating in energy healing you can protect yourself by virtue of your conscious focus

Most people, when they hear energy healing think about the practices of laying hands, reiki, or other direct interaction between practitioner and client.

In the past more than two years I have been facilitating group ‚meditations‘ (Silva method Masterminds) with various goals. Some of them for manifestation of a desired result, some for discovering information in the energy field. Such as someone’s soul purpose and, at times we have done collective healing. Is this energy healing then? Is shamanic energy clearing energy healing? What about sound vibration healing?

I would tend to think so – my definition has expanded tremendously the more I am peeling the onion of reality and consciousness.

Our reality in an energy-information system, controlled by images that we, or others create and emotions – that we are programmed to feel, or choose to feel by virtue of our free will. To change anything in our reality – we have to first change the ‚record‘ in this energy information matrix. Some call this the Akashic records – others call it karmic agreements. The memory of the Universe, and the book of God – definitions that fit certain beliefs.

Any method of energy healing that works aims to change the ENERGY-INFORMATION structure that causes the suffering.

The most well-known energy healing methods focus on the energy alone. Think about all the methods that you know for emotional. Mental and physical healing that require little to no participation on your part. Now, think about one you have actually tried (even accupuncture, accupressure and the like methods that use the physical energy pathways count). Did these methods help you? Most probably yes – but for how long?

To re-write the information in the matrix, the energy healing practitioner ought to also include the INFORMATION part of the ENERGY-INFORMATION structure. Fortunately, this can only be done by the free will of the client. Only the receiver of energy healing can decide to accept the healing, to make it permanent, to re-write their own matrix. This is done by one’s conscious realization of the mental-emotional stance that has cause the disease, discomfort, or tension in the first place. This is the emotional association to certain images one has, to certain scenarios from one’s past, or the past of loved ones, who programme we may have copied.

Energy Healing and Our Own Awareenss

You see, energy healing is not something a healer can push down your throat to save you. It requires your own spiritual awareness, and desire to transform. Once the energy healer has initiated, or facilitated the process, it is up to you to accept – and the way to accept it is by realizing your emotionally infused moving pictures that maintain the manifestation of your problem.

Surely, you can come up with a dozen examples that you consider to be an exception to the rule, where people seemingly did not participate in their own healing. I’d like to urge you to think of the emotional change that has ocurred in them, and if you still can’t find an answer, drop me a comment below.

Applying Discernment and Critical Thinking to Rules of Energy Healing

I feel I owe you a proper disclaimer on the Universal Principles and Rules of Energy Healing that I share with you. Often, when we are given rules to abide by, we start following blindly, without applying critical thinking. And there are always exceptions to the rules and different lenses through which to view a principle. I have a specific example in mind:

Think of the statement „We are all free to do what we want to do, as long as we don’t hurt somebody else.“ Does this sound about right to you?

Let me share a story from the book „Illusions. The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah“ by Richard Bach (author of Jonathan Livingston Seagul). In chapter 13 the protagonist Richard and Shimoda – the reluctant Messiah, meet a vampire. The vampire has a strong Transylvanian accent and is lean and mean and starving.

He pleads Donald: „Please do understand. I did not choose to be born vampire. Is unfortunate. I do not have many friends. But I must have a certail small amount of fresh blood every night or I writhe in terrible pain, longer than without it and I cannot live! Please, I will be deeply hurt – I will die – if you do not allow me to suck your blood.“

Should Richard then give the vampire a pint of his own blood, so that he doesn’t cause the vampire pain?

Most would category say ‚NO‘. Mostly. because the thought would be so disguisting it would give you the chills.

However, the moral is we choose ourselves whether to be hurt, or not to be hurt.

This statement is due to be meditated upon when it comes to manifestation and energy healing. Yes, our energy healing work should be for the benefit of all involved and to the detriment of no one involved. And this includes you – The Healer.

„We are all. Free. To do. What-ever. We want. To do.“

If you would like to learn more about transforming your energy-information system, to create-manifest desired situations in your life, or to learn energy healing, check out my course:

Clear Your Karma Blocks and The Healnlearn Method, Based on the Silva Method.

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