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Ways to Get to your Ideal Love Relationship

Love relationships are something that most people yearn for since childhood. It is in our human DNA to want love and to dream about a love relationship. We are all secretly searching for our other half our entire lives – this person that we truly connect to on the deepest soul level. Secretly, because having ideals, such as a love relationship with your other half are frowned upon and discarded as naïve by society.

The saying about love that goes around like the plague is that Love fades away with time, and that in the best case scenario – a good friendship is left between the two people, who previously loved each other. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy: in the end you will experience the belief you bought into.

Catch 22:  The Ideal Love Partner

Now, most of you – especially the personal development coaches will object: ‚There is no other half. You need to be a wholesome conscious person to be able to be in a satisfying love relationship.‘

And yes – I concur to certain aspects of this statement. The thing is: sometimes the search for oneself is possible only in the presence of the ideal love partner. It’s a bit of a catch 22:  you can only be in the ideal love relationship, if you feel whole as a person but you can only grow to your fullest potential, if you are in a love relationship that not only supports you on your path – but propels you forward.

Know Thyself First

We would have to untangle this catch 22 to move on closer to this so desired love relationship.

In order for you to go anywhere, you will need to start from somewhere. So you need to know your starting point – what are your values, what inspires you and and what are some things you want to achieve in life. Next, and of almost equal importance are your ‚no-goes‘ , i.e. – what are the things you will definitely not accept in a love relationship. Write these down today, and keep re-writing them every day for two weeks, or until you get crystal clear on your starting point.

Two Approaches to Attracting a Love Relationship

Next, now that you know your starting point, you can go about attracting love in your life.  There are basically two schools of coaching and spirituality when it comes to attracting love relationships and they both work.

Love relationship
  • The first one assumes it all starts from the family – if you’ve had good role models for a successful love relationship – such as your mom and dad – you are more likely to experience a fulfilling rove relationship yourself. If this is not the case – there are methods for you to clean your ancestral karma regarding love relationships. This method involves the rewiring of your emotional associations to love relationships and this changes your starting point of attraction – your energetic charge. For some of you – this will be the preferred method of attracting your love partner – especially, if you’ve been through childhood trauma, or past live trauma that you have recognized.

The mere change of your energy after karma clearing will be enought to attract your love relationship. This is so, because, firstly,  it is our natural state of happiness to be in a loving relationship, and next, because your external life circumstances are a mere reflection of your internal emotional life. Once you have corrected the latter – your circumstances will inevitably change (just don’t push for the timing, as this signals disbelief in the outcome).

  • The second approach completely overwrites what was – and lets you focus on what you want it to be. In my practice of teaching my live group courses ‚The Healnlearn Method‘ and ‚Clear Your Karma Blocks‘  I have found that both approaches work. In the Healnlearn Method – one of the techniques that has been especially successful is the technique for manifestation based on the Silva Method. I have had countless client feedback on the remarkable effectivenesss of this method. This method disregards your trauma and your karma. By the act of focusing with your entire being – that is all of your senses, your thinking and your emotions to a desired situation – you practically jump onto a different timeline.

That is not to say you will not have karmic lessons anymore. But you will have corrected some of them by the fact of manifesting a love relationship. The other ones you will of course, keep receiving.

Which approach is right for you? I suggest you start out by trying a few methods to feel the direction

The Love weekend Course: Manifesting, Deeper Dating® and Love Mastery!

Last year together with Charlotte Common and Alfredo Diaz, I gave a Webinar on Manifesting a love Relationship. This was a three-day ‚Love weekend‘ programme, where Charlotte taught a condenced version of the Deeper Dating®  Method of Ken Page. Charlotte Common has made a name for herself as the Happiness Designer. I think we can all agree that a part of happiness is sharing your life with someone you love. Hence, Charlotte is a pro on love relationships – how to create them, transform them and make them more beautiful.

Alfredo Diaz is a holistic love coach. He is an absolute legend on decoding love relationships using the cards of truth and astrology. He teaches his method for analyzes in his webinar.

Here’s the link to the webinar: Manifesting, Deeper Dating® and Love Mastery!

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