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The gender philosophy that will make you successful in love and business

Zorina Dimitrova

The BEST of YOU only comes to the fore

when you integrate your life energy across all parts of your life, when you act holistically across your different roles.

In a world buzzing with the words gender equality and female empowerment, I cannot help but try and correct the misunderstanding that often comes with these. When we talk about female empowerment, we tend to assign its meaning to all areas of life, while, it mostly applies to the lack of sexual harassment, and to equal pay.

Women and men are inherently different by nature, and I don’t mean differences arising from evolution. We were told that our brains had to be wired differently to accommodate for the tasks evolution required us to do. But what if the bodily and mindset differences between men and women only follow a basic energetic make-up? How are the genders different energetically?

Men’s energy is like an arrow – it is focused, determined, active, and competitive. Women’s energy moves like a spiral – it is inquisitive, perceptive, reflective, and collaborative. These are ultimately different types of energy. So, the more we deviate from our basic energetic make-up, the more our relationships suffer.
Why, you would ask? Because, this very energetic polarity creates the ATTRACTIONPASSION and ultimately the LOVE in a relationship. When women become too driven and men too sensitive, the attraction between them is lost.

Often, we, women, are led to think we should play different roles. Like be a soft lover, a loving but respectable mom and a tough business woman. Well, am here to tell you that playing roles does not bring out the best of you in any setting. The BEST of YOU only comes to the fore, when you integrate your life energy across all parts of your life, when you act holistically across your different roles.

And, if your basic energetic make-up is to be a woman, you should work on CULTIVATING YOUR FEMALE ENERGY.
I hear your question: “What will this do to my career, I work in a male driven industry?”.

Well, once you start embodying your real energetic makeup and start acting as a wholesome being, two things will happen. One, you will be able to make use of all your energetic power. Creativity, passion and drive to achieve your goals. Rather than being an actor in a role, you will embody more of yourself. And become more effective in all areas of your life. Two, people will start responding accordingly. At work, you will start receiving more offers for help, collaboration and ideas. You will not need to compete and bang your head against the door.

By embodying more of the female energy in your love life. You will allow your man to become more of a man. He will respond in action: you will see him becoming more generous and supportive to you and the sparkle between you two will ignite (again).

Finally, when you allow the male energy of your man to flow, it will flow stronger in all male members of your family. This means, being a feminine mom will help you grow stronger sons, and as a role model – happier and more successful daughters, that act in their WHOLESOMENESS.

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