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The 7 rules of Hypnosis

Laimei Yeung

Your thought can affect all of the functions of your body.

Rule#1 – Every thought or Idea causes a physical reaction.

Your thought can affect all of the functions of your body. Worry thoughts trigger changes in the stomach that in time can lead ulcers. Anger thoughts stimulate your adrenal glands and increased adrenaline in the blood stream causes many body changes. Anxiety and Fear thoughts affect your pulse rate.

Rule #2 – What is expected tends to be Realized

The brain and the nervous system respond only to mental images. It does not matter if the image is self-induced or from the external world. The mental image formed becomes the blueprint, and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to carry out the plan.

Rule #3 – Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind or the mind of another.

This is an important rule to remember when using self-hypnosis. Reason is easily overruled by Imagination.

Rule #4 – Once an idea that has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it remains until it is replaced by another idea.

Rule # 5 – Each suggestion acted upon creates less opposition to successive suggestion.

In other words, once a self-suggestion has been accepted by your subconscious mind it becomes easier for additional suggestions to be accepted and acted upon.

Rule # 6 – An emotionally induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted in long enough.

It has been acknowledged by many reputable medical men that more than seventy percent of human ailments are functional rather than Organic.

Rule #7 – When dealing with the subconscious mind and its functions, the Greater the Conscious effort, the less the subconscious response.

This proves why “will power” doesn’t really exist! If you have insomnia, you’ve learned “the harder you try to go to sleep, the more wide-awake you become”.

The rule is, “when dealing with the subconscious mind, TAKE IT EASY”.

Love Laimei
Certified Nutrition & Hypnotherapist

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