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Start-ups, Love, Holistic coaching and Women Networks?


Why do I talk about Business and Love Relationships at the same time? Why do I engage in the seemingly unrelated topics of mental, spiritual and life well-being, women networks and start-up business coaching?

Let me shed some light to what exactly I am doing lately, and possibly give you an insight on some steps you could be taking to lead you to a more fulfilling life.

In the corporate world, where I come from, personal development, mental and spiritual well-being are topics openly frowned upon, or are used in the context of career development. Yet, people at the very top engage in methods of mind-control, NLP, and some top CEO’S are modern Buddhists. Why this disparity? We are all told it’s not professional to talk about our minds and souls, as if they are completely separated from our material bodies, while we are at work. You are supposed to talk about career planning and where you see yourself 5 years from now. But you are not supposed to contemplate on your purpose because this is supposed to be the realm of the big business heroes of our time, like Elon Musk.

I started healnlearn.com with the intention to connect people to experts in self-development that go beyond the institutionalized professions, such as psychology, medicine and career coaching. While these are all respectable professions, they are all based on a world the logical mind controls – anything that has to do with bodily matter, the facets of our reactive brain and planning and executing. However, we all know that there is much more to us than that. At least half of you have been to an energy healer, osteopath, applied kinesiologist, astrologer, mindfulness coach, etc.. Now, whether you give a logical preference to one type of alternative expertise over another, is irrelevant. Some people are more prone to engage in more mainstream “mind” coaching, others feel comfortable with more esoteric fields. Some like weight-loss experts, others like nutritionists with a twist in hypnotherapy. On healnlearn.com there is an expert for everyone. Often, we don’t know exactly what kind of help we need, so it only makes sense that there is a place, where you can find out about various methods and choose the right expert for you.

Now, why do I talk about businesses and love at the same time? Obviously, I am trained in business. Also, I have a particular affinity towards entrepreneurship and all ideas new and potent. It would then, only make sense to talk about start-up coaching and consulting. However, I have discovered through years of experience and observation that any knowledge put on top of an unprepared mind (here I use mind to describe the collective meaning of values, purpose, knowledge, mindset and energy) is like a rock on quicksand. It will disappear. The basis of any new endeavor, or any change within the old, starts from the mind. Therefore, on our youtube channel I talk a lot about purpose, about holistic concepts in business, including religious principles. I talk about love, for a number of reasons. First, love and businesses are very connected. Have you noticed that when you are in love, everything goes well, you get more business opportunities, you worry less and hence, are able to make better decisions? Both love and business are built on the basis of two things: self-worth and relationship building capacity. Ultimately it all boils down to self-love. There you go.

Let me briefly touch on the women networks, International Women Connected, in particular, and the online incubator FasterCapital. Women, we know, are underrepresented in top management positions but also in funded start-ups. One of the solutions to this problem, is women networks, where they can get support, contacts, and know-how. Women thrive in network communities. IWConnected, in particular, is very special, as it offers information, support and mastermind events on a variety of topics that are not strictly business but include mindset, lifestyle, well-being, and more.

Often, women start-ups are under-funded because of lack of technical knowledge (no technical co-founder), or because of the family engagement of the founder. The start-up world is really not a friendly place to any woman, let alone a woman with a family. It is designed for college graduates with the flexibility of time and location. Yet, the demographics, that is most interested in starting a business, are moms, who need time and flexibility. Therefore, I have also decided to collaborate with FasterCapital, that is an online incubator, accelerator and a technical co-founder. No need to move to a new location, or to look for a co-founding techie to get funded. With my engagement as a representative for FasterCapital, the cycle of my offering for start-up coaching is complete.

Love, Zorina

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