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Zorina Dimitrova

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About Me

Trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!

For the past few years I have trained people to achieve their goals with ease, while also having fun with the process. I first started teaching consciousness techniques in online groups and I was myself surprised by the effectiveness of group work. Lots of people, who have taken my courses “The Healnlearn Method”, „The Other 96%“ and „Purpose Grail“ and „Intuition Reset 21“ report to have manifested their goals, and much faster than anticipated. The people I consult one-on-one, and in groups manifest relationships, jobs, new homes.

In my courses and consultations, I integrate years of philosophical and energy work that perfectly weave in to manifestation success. This is a holistic approach to manifestation that includes deeper questions that one should answer before advancing in doing manifestation. With my clients we talk about the true skills and abilities of humans, about life purpose, universal divine principles that govern us and more.

In addition to offering advice and consultations on the topics mentioned above, I oversee a group mentorship program called “Awaken Your Mind for Business Success” The primary focus of this program is to awaken your mind, activate dormant potential, and provide tools for reprogramming your mind for success.

One  specific type of one-on-one consultation that I offer is work on the topic of self worth.

What is it?

In a two hour session, I’d walk you through a process of transformation and alchemy of the BIG 5 Limiting Emotions – 1. Anger, 2. Fear, 3. Sadness, 4. Injury/Pain, and 5. Guilt/Shame.

After you experience the change yourself, you may book a second session on reprogramming the Big 5 Limiting Beliefs that might be holding you back: I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not loved, I can’t do it, I can’t be successful.

The change can be staggering. In a few days you may notice you can no longer be triggered by the same emotions and your belief system has shifted.

To Book a Big 5 Session, click on ‘Book Consultation’ below my picture. I’d be happy to work with you!

6 Courses

Student Reviews

I've been doing research, reading books, tried therapy and went to many courses for 10 years. Nothing came close to the transformation this course has brought to my life. I'm so grateful for Zorina's teachings and this whole experience.

Magic is happening. Today I got promoted as Credit and Collections Manager.!!! Totally Shocked so it means I need to manifest new amount as I will have totally new position and even better salary :)))) Again they need to first approve it and find the budget for me, but I it is totally new level of manifestation just skipped one level. Should I repead the process and program new amount? Decision will be made by the End of December and I will get new papers. Next time I think I want to program with you a new relationship and loving partner and husband 😍 It works and does wonders Sunny Bar.

Dear Zorina, I wanted to share a success story with you :) Today I had the end of the year talk with my boss, which we have every year around this time. We discuss all kinds of topics, such as how our projects went, what went well, what could have gone better, plans for the future, overtime hours, vacation days and also salary and whether there is a bonus this time or not. So last week I already started manifesting and visualized a certain amount that I would like to receive as a bonus. Then after our session yesterday I felt very good and I decided to increase the amount I want to visualize. So since yesterday I have been visualizing how the discussion will go and how my boss will hand me a document where the amount I want is written on and he is thanking me for my effort etc.. And you won't believe it, I got exactly this amount. I am so happy and surprised at the same time. This is just crazy! The bonus is not a given and my boss is free to choose it for each employee and if he wants to give something at all and how much. It is not regulated or something. I think it's just unbelievable. All the more so because I decided just last night to increase the amount and got exactly that. So I’m very excited and motivated to keep working on my manifestations 😉😎😀 Thank you so much for this course, I am learning a lot!!

Zorina, something miraculous happened ✨ at 11:59. I got the meeting I was praying for all week!! And this is the person I met on Wednesday night when my talk was cancelled. The universe had the plan! And it’s a perfect one 🙏 The exercise we did today was life changing i feel. Thank you 😍

This webinar changed my life! I highly recommend this course for anyone who is ready to face their fears, deeply heal, and truly begin to live their life. Absolutely incredible!

“I wanted to thank you for hosting the recent "The Other 96%" program in September. I really enjoyed the sessions and our group and really miss having the opportunity to regularly connect with everyone. I really cannot believe how "we" manifest a house!!”

“Wow! Yesterday I participated in a Silva Method Session with Zorina…it was amazing!! The background and methodology of this process was explained in an easy to understand fashion, subsequently making the whole procedure much easier. I was amazed that I was able to accomplish the basics in just one short session. Zori was very informative…and very patient…I certainly would recommend her as a counselor and guide.”

“I enjoyed the other 96% course with Zorina. Zorina is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. Sessions are interactive and conducted in small groups. There is flexibility in terms of discussion topics based on what people want to talk about. So come prepared to ask lots of questions and bring your curiosity! :)”

“The Healnlearn method recordings, where the group was doing body scans, were amazing!! I was following along doing the scans and I got similar pictures for many of the people too! unbelievable! R. Kurz with the gray curly hair, larger lady, feet and ankle swelling, I went straight to her swollen ankles she was sitting in a chair with slippers on, upset about her situation. I was astounded! I loved witnessing the group session do these practices, it was extremely helpful to practice along. it would have been cool to be in such a group and have my body scanned by the group. Amazing technique. I love all the insight and practices. very cool. thank you Zorina!“

“Once upon time, when I was a small child, I used to close my eyes and try really hard to connect to that part of my mind where there is the power to make things happen on demand. I even turned it into a game where my friends participated. Well, recently I came across Zorina and magic started happening. THE OTHER 96% - MIND REPROGRAMMING AND SITUATION MANIFESTATION is not only first class course but it is delivered with the utmost commitment and integrity, high level knowledge of the material taught and when it comes to student/teacher connection, you can not have a better teacher/guru than Zorina. Absolutely amazing! I couldn't get enough.”

Everyone in the class was lovely and very supportive of one another. Personally, during the time I took the class, I manifested an increase in income, I was able to launch my business, which I had been trying to do for seven months, and I began several relationships which felt to be significant. I believe that using the methods Zorina taught us helped me achieve all of these goals. I also feel more at ease since taking the class, although I hadn't been aware of feeling stressed before. I really enjoyed the psychometry and distance assessments we made of people and objects. Zorina made the information very accessible, and I was happy to finally "get" the Silva method, which I had tried to learn on my own twice before.”

“I am doing great. I must say that i got much calmer after all this sessions that we had. I have no idea why. But it feels great. I somehow know more things than before. You know...This funny feeling that you know something but you don't know from where and how and you also can not explain it. This happens now more often. I sense the surrounding more and faster than before. I practice more or less every day. I like to ask questions and just wait for answers. I also dream more than before. I usually never remembered dreams. I spoke with Aphrodite again. It was a very nice chat. :) She wanted a bouquet of red and pink roses as an act of appreciation for her. :) After that session i felt somehow more feminine and all people that i met that day were staring and smiling at me. I was really wondering what is wrong with me that everyone reacts like that. :) I guess it was the touch of the Aphrodite. This is it for now. Silva method is definitely a great tool.“