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Vicky Giraldo

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About Me

My name is Vicky Giraldo. I’m here to assist you and I strongly believe that for you to be here today there must be an area of your life that you are not entirely satisfied with. Am I right? It may be a relationship you want to show up in your life, or one that you want to nourish and support to reach a higher level of understanding, passion and love, a change in your career, more clarity on your pathway, or to bring yourself to a state of more energy, fulfillment and happiness. Any situation you may find yourself in at the moment is a good starting point for you to evolve into a more satisfying joyful life.

There are always reasons for why we find ourselves where we are. In order to be able to create the changes in ourselves and in our lives we need to understand those reasons. Through my coaching I will support you to achieve a life that you feel excited about. I will guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Together, we will face your deepest fears, get rid of your limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that empower and support you. You will find out more about your fundamental needs and you will gain new insights into what motivates you so you can make better decisions. With my help you will set goals and plan strategies so you can actually reach them and find the right pathway to the life you dream of.

I use my unique, winning 5 step formula “SHINE” to guide you to a place where you will be able to expand your inner light and radiate it to those around you.

My passion is to help others to become their best version of themselves so they can make better choices in their relationships and in their lives. I aim to contribute to the world by improving the lives of those that cross my path – one life at the time.