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Mary-Anne Quezel

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About Me

Practicing A Brilliant Way To Be Human

Emotional & Energetic Intelligence Expert

I help people clear their blocks so they can emotionally and energetically line up with what they want to achieve. We all want success in our business and personal lives however we define it. What I offer is a unique package of gifts where together we unpack the real stuff. As I guide you through an intuitive strategic process to discover and unlock what‘s blocking your clarity and certainty to thrive, aha moments inspire the magic to happen.

Mary-Anne is uniquely gifted and talented? She is no ordinary Coach.

She started working for herself from a very early age after becoming number one in Yellow Pages and Vodafone in Australia. She started and operated a National Recruitment Sales and Leadership Training Company with 25 staff which she owned for 9 years.

From there she developed her combination of skills as a Corporate Business Entrepreneur, Intuitive Guru, Performance Coach, an Emotional Intelligent Expert. The Intuitive Guru part is often what she gets referred to by her well respected Senior Level Business Clients. See what they say on this page below.

She has a Diploma in Coaching, is a qualified Therapist using emotional and energetic tools and techniques including EFT Tapping NLP and Quantum Healing clearing unwanted patterns so you can have clarity and certainty to thrive.

If you get the chance to meet Mary-Anne you will notice she is authentic and grounded and has an incredibly strategic mind. Mary-Anne has also graced over 500 stages in New Zealand, Australia Wide and the USA as an inspirational speaker. She empowers through meaning and inspires through insight whether it be with leaders teams audiences or one on one.

Her passion for studying the science of the mind for over two decades has made her recognize the more emotionally secure one feels and once mastered we can then reach our true potential through integrity and self value. As a highly regarded business and personal coach, these were some of the reasons why in January 2018 she was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to become a qualified Teacher for Search Inside Yourself  Leadership Institute born out of Google.  Yet another respected skill set to add to her already impressive portfolio.

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