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Laimei Yeung

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About Me

My name is Laimei and I empower my clients to become more confident and healthier people.

I struggled more than 20 years with low self-esteem, chronic fatigue, pre-diabetes and bulimia and, therefore, I am very passionate to help people to boost self-esteem, self-empowerment and really get healthy to thrive in life.

Hypnotherapy (RTT) and Holistic Nutrition Coaching are amazing tools to break self-limiting beliefs, work with the subconscious and do deep profound work to break self-limiting beliefs and install new positive and constructive healthy habits.

If you’re suffering or struggling with one of these ailments, I can help you!


Confidence and self-esteem

Stress Management

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Emotional and Stress Eating


Healthy Relationships

Nutrition Support

Consultation 50 min. is only available as a first time evaluation talk. Message me to find the right time for both of us.

Consultation 90 minutes is a full hypnotherapy session and extends to 2 -2,5 hours.

To book a session, Sign in.

If you cannot find the right time in my schedule, Contact Us.

5 Courses