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Joe Greenland

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About Me

For the time being Joe Foxdreamer will be taking energy clearing sessions on www.foxdreamer.com

Weekly group sessions ‘Mentoring & Meditation Focus Group‘ will only be offered till the end of May. the group is a safe space to go inside yourself and discover something big.
– Learn about your own personal energy space and know how to feel safe and trust it.
– Learn how to connect to Creator, Earth Mother & all the Spirit Beings that know you, love you and know your future.
– Learn how to ASK of Creator, Earth Mother and of your Spirit Guides.
– Learn how to and what it feels like to receive energy and answers.
– Learn how to help others and stay in your own energy.

This is an interactive meditation that allows you to bring out your spiritual gifts and talents.
The standard consultation 50 min. can extend up to 60-65 min. depending on the needs of the client.

My education is my life experiences. I was raised by my Grandfather who was a Medicine Man, he taught me how to understand and work with the Creator Energy or also known as the Universal Energy.

Throughout my life I’ve worked with Native Elders doing ceremonies and learning teachings, that I share when I am guided to.

I listen to and I TRUST in my Guides, I sense them, I feel them and I allow them to work through me. We all have this same connection with the Universe when we step out of the way. It is just most people don’t know how to or have filters in place taking up space that interferes with their connection.

With the permission of the client, I work with their Spirit Guides to clear fear blocks or programming that are interfering inside and around the client. That way through their guides, the new and the future energy has space to come in and then the changes can happen for the individual.

If you are seeking more in your life then you must be willing to make space for it to come in. Clearing your energy helps in releasing the old fears, patterns or habits that keep you in a lower energy vibration. When you can raise your energy to a higher level you are able to receive more and allow in the change.