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Heidi Gregor

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About Me

Glad you found me. My name is Heidi Gregor.

I now, and for ten years, have accompanied change processes. I work with groups as a Seminar leader and Speaker, especially teaching communication (in German) to Doctors and Pharmacists and I work in a one to one context with people on evolving to their full potential. To support people to spark their inner light, as an expression of inner beauty, has become my passion and mission.

Beauty as well as health are holistic concepts with multi-factorial influences and undividedly connected to each other, as a matter of scientific facts.

Outer beauty, radiance and healthy vitality start in every cell of your body.

I will support you and teach you how you can influence your cell chemistry and blossom to the best and most beautiful you. In that process my main focus will be on your thoughts, emotions and belief systems that influence your biology the most.The power of word and language is another focus of mine. Also, your life circumstances will be of interest, as they do have an effect, as well as diet, supplements, manual techniques and cosmetics.

Being an empath myself, I work very intuitively, using different Coaching techniques.

Please watch the introduction video on Beauty and Charisma before you book a session and have a look at Additional Info: „How I got there“ down the page to learn more about my education and career.

Charisma is a well-known term that hardly anybody can describe or explain analytically. For my second book „Natürlich-zeitlos-schön“on timeless beauty and health, published in German language in September 2018, Idid research on the topic and dedicated a chapter to it, which reflects the scientifically approved  approach towards the phenomenon.

What may come as a surprise is that Charisma is nothing magical. Instead, it can be analyzed and improved for your own and the world’s good and with the purpose of attracting more luck, happiness and success in your life. I will coach you in achieving that and accompany you in the process of sparking your inner light and radiating it in your aura, so you may become a positive magnet for people.

I’ve been through a lot myself, and now do have the life i always wished for, that I attracted by becoming my  most radiant self. Now it’s your turn to blossom and get what you deserve in life. i will be by your side to show you how!