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Brenda Olson

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About Me

Brenda has been an intuitive tarot card reader for close to 35 years. Brenda’s training in acupressure, medical qi gong, Reiki, Reconnection Healing, Hakomi psychotherapy, among others have proven to be perfect fits with Brenda’s intuition.

Through the use of the cards as guide to her intuition she is able to help one unlock and discuss a broad range of topics and problems that help clarify situations and unburden the emotional aspects to various problems one may be experiencing. Many people report being able to see a new angle to a situation which has greatly helped in accepting the situation and then approaching it through a new lens to achieve solutions.

Through her own personal experience, Brenda understands the importance of of these emotional breakthroughs in order to achieve long-last emotional healing. Brenda’s varied life and work experiences bring practical and grounded knowledge and advice. She has a caring and truly empathetic way of listening.

She has a special ability to ask the “right” questions and assist one in getting to the root of an issue without being judgemental. If you have a major decision, are feeling a little down, are looking for clarification, or need someone to talk to, book a session with Brenda now.