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Anat Steingold

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About Me

Anat Steingold is not just a holistic health and well-being teacher but a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a profound connection to their inner healing wisdom. Over the past three years, Anat has dedicated herself to teaching and practicing anything related to manifestation, challenging limited beliefs, and fostering a deeper connection to our inner wisdom. Her mission is clear: empower individuals to shine and live a life of fulfillment rather than succumbing to fears.

Anat’s diverse educational background reflects her commitment to a holistic approach. She pursued Interior Design at the Ascola School of Art and Design in Tel-Aviv, delving into the art of creating harmonious spaces. Her journey continued with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine at Reidman College in Tel-Aviv, where she became an expert in this ancient and holistic healing practice. Anat’s knowledge expanded further into natural nutrition and health, complemented by various courses in spirituality, consciousness, and manifestation.

A dedicated practitioner of yoga for many years, Anat embodies the principles she teaches, fostering a balance between physical and spiritual well-being. Her daily yoga practice serves as a testament to her commitment to a holistic lifestyle.

Anat’s passion for holistic health and well-being is epitomized in her course, “Secrets to Well-being and Nutrition in the Age of Awakening.” In this transformative program, Anat guides participants towards a revolutionary approach to weight loss and overall well-being. Acknowledging the struggles many face with conventional diets, Anat’s method focuses on separated nutrition, tailoring food choices to individual blood types and emphasizing digestion-stimulating food combinations.

What sets Anat’s course apart are the five compelling reasons it stands as the best way to transform nutrition and life. From natural weight loss and increased energy to detoxification, improved skin tone, and enhanced emotional well-being, participants can expect a holistic transformation that goes beyond mere physical changes.

The course “Secrets to Well-being and Nutrition in the Age of Awakening” offers a liberating path to eating without restrictions, breaking free from the yo-yo effects of traditional diets. Anat’s course is a promise of a clear journey to natural weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, and achieving overall well-being. Beyond the physical realm, participants will gain insights into mental clarity and quality sleep, completing the holistic picture of health.

Anat’s course provides a wealth of knowledge, including the art of combining healthy foods, avoiding practices leading to food decay in the digestive system, and discovering a comprehensive list of foods tailored to individual blood types. Anat also shares practical tips on budget-friendly healthy eating and imparts her mindset formula for maintaining positivity. The course simplifies meal preparation with a list of food combinations that align with Anat’s holistic philosophy.

In the spirit of accessibility, Anat has made her transformative course available at an affordable price.

Watch the introductory video to Anat’s course: Secrets to Well-being and Nutrition in the Age of Awakening.


1 Courses