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Alfredo Diaz

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About Me

After spending +30 yrs. in the Automation Control Processes, Telecom and IT arena, I decided to look for a more meaningful path that leads me to get a better understanding of how to “play” the game of life. It’s a very serious matter, not a game at all, however, considering life’s ups and down, one of the most important things in our existence is to maintain focus on our life’s purposes.

The key on this “game” is being aware of our potentials, the good and the no so good ones and how to use them for our own benefit and for the benefit of our loved ones. Those potentials that come embedded within us to teach us, to inspire us, to endure us, to support us in order to improve ourselves, making us more worthwhile persons.

This is what the Cards of Truth System is all about, where our blueprint can be assessed and understood in a tailor-made fashion.

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