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The monthly option is a recurring subscription that grants you access to four group calls for a month.

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Currently, you can choose from the following live group calls.

1. Meditation & Mentoring with Shaman Joe Foxdreamer & Cindy Edgson

Meet Joe & Cindy every Wednesday at 7pm CET

Mentoring & Meditation Group, is a safe space to go inside yourself and discover something big, to learn about your magic.

This is an interactive meditation that allows you to bring out your spiritual gifts and talents.

It is our intention to bring knowledge and connection to those who desire CHANGE and GROWTH in themselves. When you heal or change old patterns inside yourself the world changes with you. It is through these internal shifts that we create a bigger and more beautiful future.


2. Weight-loss and Health with Anat Steingold – holistic health and well-being teacher. TCM expert

Meet Anat every first Thursday of the month at 10 am CET

My passion is to lead people to a healthy way of living and to help them overcome illnesses through a natural way of life, natural nutrition and living closer to nature cycles. The majority of the modern world illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure can be healed completely by adapting a healthy way of living. I always see a person as a whole and take under consideration the emotional and physical condition.


3. Cards of Truth Love Mastery with Alfredo Diaz

Meet Alfredo every second Sunday of the month at 8:30 pm CET

In the group sessions Alfredo will use the Cards of Truth, Astrology and Tarrot for learnings and discussions and short readings. Alfredo is an expert on love relationships and synastry but feel free to ask him any other question too.

The key on this “game” is being aware of our potentials, the good and the no so good ones and how to use them for our own benefit and for the benefit of our loved ones. Those potentials that come embedded within us to teach us, to inspire us, to endure us, to support us in order to improve ourselves, making us more worthwhile persons.


4. Manifestation & Healing with the Healnlearn Method with Zorina Dimitrova

Meet Zorina every third Sunday of the month at 7pm CET

This is a live group gathering, where you can share your experiences and insights on spirituality, intuition, love and life. It’s a great way for people, who have attended my live group courses to catch up and refresh their knowledge about the Silva method.

You are welcome to join, even if you have never attended my courses. This is a safe environment to learn and share. The format is open and free flowing. I will be moderating the meetings and will lead a meditation based on the Healnlearn method at the end of our meeting, where you can work to solve your most burning topic at the moment.


5. Manifesting True Love – Vicky Giraldo – Life and Relationship Coach

Meet Vicky every second Friday of the month at 7 pm CET

I am a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and I devoted many years to learning about self-development and coaching. After successfully working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I decided to leave my job and make of my passion my profession. Today, I help others to become their best version of themselves so they can make better choices in their relationships and in their lives.

Become stronger in your relationship with yourself and with those around you and you will find yourself in a more supportive state which will allow you to be happier and able to achieve more in other areas of your life as well.


6. Past Life Regression | Realizing | Manifestation | Energy Medicine with Marcy Neumann – Heartshift Coach (includes email access for answering your questions)

Meet Marcy every forth Friday of the month at 7pm CET

Hi, Marcy Neumann here and I help people who are struggling with change. I help people who tried for so long without success to make things work. I help people who have tried self-help that works for a while, until it doesn’t.  I help people who are stuck in their detrimental patterns and beliefs.

I have helped these people find a new lifestyle of love themselves…Self-Love… and I want to help you too.

I’m an energy healer and I help you shift your energy of your heart, which then changes the mind and lights up your spirit. In other words, I help you learn to heal your heart. Not something temporary but real change that has you 100% in love with yourSELF for once in your life.  Let’s work together and make the shifts you need to have the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Everything you experience in life is and has been created in collaboration with the frequency of the energy you are emitting from your Heart Center


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