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Precious Time

By a friend contributor.

Let’s expand the economy in our fascinating world through the creative power of Happy High Achievers.

On one of my visits to New York, I sat with a Wall Street lawyer on a bench at the Hudson River. We explored the benefits or even importance of spirituality in the corporate world. I have a passion for the corporate world, because I grew up as the daughter of a successful businessman and company owner.

Early on in life, I learnt that the role of a manager comes with a great responsibility for the work force. I like the term work FORCE. A manager who is a great leader understands that the empowerment of the staff and an outstanding performance are closely linked.

There has been a trend in industry for many years to be sales and money driven. Consequently, numerous people have told me that they feel tired, stressed, overworked, misunderstood… Deeply listening it sounds to me as if precious life FORCE is being sucked out of employees AND employers. Surely, there must be a way to enhance the creativity in the corporate world rather than suffocate it.

While I was sitting at the Hudson River, I saw helicopters taking off and land. It was explained to me that high achievers work within such a tight schedule that they choose helicopters over cars. Immediately I asked the lawyer: Are these people happy? I suddenly understood better than ever how important it is to introduce spirituality into the corporate world. So many seem to be driven by their destiny, the land of success and wealth. But what about the notion of happiness and a life of inner abundance?

For so many people the Coronavirus has brought pain and suffering. And yet, for some the lockdown has been an eye opener. Just today I spoke to a successful businessman whose creativity has been set free. Most of his meetings are done on zoom now. He realizes how much time and energy he spent driving his car, waiting in traffic jams before the lockdown, how exhausting it all was.

It seems as if the universe has given us a chance to think again. We have more time to reflect on what we truly desire, how life can be lived differently, more meaningful.

I know of the pain and stress of hugely talented high achievers. That’s why I am so passionate about emphasizing the positive effect of spirituality in the corporate world or any walk of life.
Spirituality adds another dimension to life. It opens the mind to what can be. And when the power within is unleashed and creativity flows like a river, we grow like a tree on the river bank of our own abundance.

We truly live in a fascinating world. Perhaps It is time to use our precious time on planet Earth to unfold our wings and fly, not into a new normal but into an extraordinary life.

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