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Meditations with Angela Wright: ‘Anchoring Meditation’ and ‘Overcome Fear of the virus’

Angela Wright

with alpha frequency beats from the Silva Method.

Angela Wright, Holistic Nurse and Consciousness Coach, is the author of this meditation that she recently received while meditating:

While seeing Ascended Masters in her meditations, she says:

“The ones I saw were also in ships! I didn’t know if it was a metaphor for me to understand that there were many helping us…..they appeared to shoot a beam of light through the nose of the ship which was directed at the grid around Earth, which I know little about.

Basically, my feeling is that anyone willing can receive this light through our chakras. Since I like to work with my heart, that made it easy. Then I just grounded it with my intention. They showed me that I can be doing it constantly, with intention, and that to make it easier, I could program a crystal and wear it at my higher heart/thymus. I bet the lower heart chakra would work just as well. It’s all about intention, right? All the Earth needs, it seems, is for us to remember to ask her every day how we can assist. She knows it all, and just requires support.”

Angela Wright recently joined my Silva method course, the Other 96%.

“After our session the other day, when I was asking what modality I should use to contribute to my mission, people said: motivation, writing, flowers, music, love notes….and when we finished I thought, I am so silly. Of course, I give people healing and love and all that those symbols represent, because that is what I vibrate at. The modality really doesn’t matter at all.”

Angela also created a meditation that helps people deal with anxiety and fear, caused by the virus and the current events.. On the background you will hear alpha frequency beats, used to induce Alpha waves during Silva method meditations.

To contact Angela, write on office@healnlearn.com

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