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Is Your Hunch Leading You To The Best, or to the Worst Decision?

There are two ways to go about your decision-making process – from a logical human standpoint and from the standpoint of expanded consciousness and expanded perception.

Why is it that some people, who follow their nudge, or hunch, seem to be making the right decision and everything lines up for them? And, similarly, why is it that hasty decisions that may also seem like a nudge are the worst decisions ever?

When we are in expanded consciousness and perception (such as when we are in alpha, or when we use energy techniques to expand our perception beyond the physical), we look from ‘above’, we see more, we see far, wide and deep. Often, when we are in such a state, our antenna’s pick up signals that are either immediately decoded, which we translate as an insight, or they can come later on during the day as hunches. Hunches nudge us to do something, or to go somewhere. They prompt activities that will either result in us becoming more aligned, and in higher consciousness, or will protect us from an impending danger. I am sure you have heard, or read about people getting a hunch to cancel trips, only to find out that the vehicle they were supposed to travel with was involved in an accident.

Insights and hunches can inspire us to make seemingly illogical, or insecure, or straight-out dangerous decisions. It can get people to get into relationships, and leave a marriage, buy courses and go on vacations they cannot afford, leave jobs without having a backup, etc., you get the point.

However, if the hunch comes from a higher place, from the place of inspiration, and motivation and ‘yes, this is what I want deep inside, and it gives me that tickle in my heart’, it will be the right decision for sure.

What’s the difference then to nudges that turn out to be the worst decisions ever? These usually come from a reactive consciousness, and are propelled by fear, feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust in oneself and Higher Power and other similarly negative emotions.

What are some instances of how this can play out? Maybe a love partner hurt you? And now you want to move countries and quit your job…You find a job that you think of: ‘Maybe this can work, maybe it’s not such a bad option’. Or, you have a conflict at work, and you start winding yourself up of how much you hate this job and quit. You have taken the nudge of reactive consciousness for a nudge of inspiration. But it turns out to be trouble.

I have taken both types of decisions and am now more aware of the signs and able to recognize the validity of a decision. The process involves going within and seeing what the real emotion is that drives the decision. Is it an expansive one, inspiring and motivating, or is it contracting your Self – making you feel small and unprotected.

It’s not THAT straight forward though. There are cases when, if someone is abused in a relationship, or bullied at work, and so on, may decide to leave a situation as a ‘reaction’. But if you think a bit deeper, you’d see that leaving is choosing the Bigger Self, the you with more freedom, independence and expansive options.

So, when you are thinking, ‘What should I do next?’ in whichever sphere of life, gather logical information but do not make a decision based on it. Make a decision based on Your Higher Consciousness.

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Also, check out this related to decision making video on the Healnlearn Youtube Chanel

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