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Angela Wright
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Angela Wright

New realities open up for us when we shift our perception and expand our consciousness, which raises our Chi. Knowing this and other basic Universal laws allows one to make evolutionary leaps. We can do this both on an individual level AND as a collective. We can change the world.

I invite you to release victimhood, blast through unconsciousness, reprogram yourself and realize you are capable of much more than you have ever been told. Are you creating your life with awareness?
I am a board-certified Holistic Nurse, a Spiritual Life Coach, minister and intuitive. I'm uniquely suited to support your shift into choice, creation, present moment awareness, clarity and joy. Plus, it makes me happy!

We each continually create our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. How will everything shift when you choose clarity, awareness and creating the life you really want? We can free ourselves from unconsciousness and limiting programming, to make life a work of art, and create a collective world of balance and health that we are proud to be part of.

Enjoy my monthly meditations on Healnlearn Youtube:

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Areas of activity

Experience in meditation, energy healing, feng shui consultation, astrology and more

Educaton (Diplomas and Certificates)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse, Holistic Nurse Board Certified, Spiritual Life Coach, Access Bars Facilitator, Breatharian Healing Practitioner

Profesional field
    Access Consciousness
    Feng Shui