Mila Radak

Mila Radak
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Mila Radak

After many long years of searching, I’ve finally found fulfillment and happiness. Now it’s my turn to share the knowledge and experience of my journey with others just like you. Through travel, reading, mystical experiences, classes and amazing friendships, the formulas I’ve come across can help people still seeking to discover the missing items on their lists.

Items such as:
finding the inner you | discovering powers within | maintaining a balance in life
resolving issues | achieving goals | reaching serendipity/synchronicity | straightening your belief

I believe in the power of mind, new ideas, energy, healing, spirituality, mystic laws, prayers, nature, music, touch and so much more. Do you have to be religious or spiritual? The answer is no, but we will explore YOU from every corner and perspective. You will experience a lasting transformation that you will want to share with others. Of all the numerous temples, churches and holy grounds I have visited and many books from each religion I have read, nothing compares to the exchange between client and the coach.

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Areas of activity
Educaton (Diplomas and Certificates)

CTI Coaching Institute

Reiki International 

Profesional field
    Nutrition & Dieting
    Love and Relationships
    Energy healing
    Life advice
    Beauty and Charisma
    Access Consciousness
    Personal development
    Happiness Designer