Natasha Papazafeiropoulou

Natasha  Papazafeiropoulou
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Natasha Papazafeiropoulou

I am passionate about helping people to transform through the use of mindfulness meditation practices. I have myself gone thought a great transformation from a university professor to a coach and healer. I also combine my extensive astrological knowledge to help people reach their full potential.

With a PhD in computer science and long experience as a university professor in London, UK I have now transformed my life by following my dream to become a mediation teacher. Since 2011 I teach meditation to organisations and individuals and have been able to support their well-being  by helping them apply mediation practices to every day living.  I am based in Athens, Greece and apart from teaching groups and individuals I organise mediation and yoga retreats in the Greek islands. 

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Areas of activity
I help people transform through mindfulness and meditation practices.
Educaton (Diplomas and Certificates)
I have a PhD in computer science and have been a university professor for 15 years. In 2011 I was certified as a mindfulness teacher from the university of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). Since then I teach groups and coach individuals with amazing results for their personal transformation.
Profesional field
    Life advice
    Nutrition & Dieting
    Personal development