Krasi Attasio

Krasi Attasio
Standart consultation 50 min: 100.00€
Extended consultation 90 min: 160.00€
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Krasi Attasio

I am sidereal astrologer specialized in ancient Babylonian astrology and astronomy. I offer the following services.

  • Natal Astrology is the study and analysis of your birth chart and preparing a personal horoscope that provides information on one’s psychological portrait and character capabilities, professional orientation, personal life, marriage, children, health, finances, fate and more. This consultation includes predictions for important future periods, as well as one year detailed forecast. (Extended 90min consultation is recommended)

  • Annual Reading is the analysis of your birth chart and preparing a personal reading that provides information on how the coming solar year will look like for you.  It is like a lens that will look in detail at the coming year.

This reading is advisable in case that you have already had full Natal Chart Reading and a detailed forecast of future important events with Krasi.

  • Horary Astrology: This is an ancient astrology technique that provides a detailed answer to specific question. Any question can be answered in astrology reading.

It works by answering question through studying the astrological charts set for the exact time and place of asking a question.

It does not give insight on the entire life of a person as the natal astrology does. From a horary astrology chart, one can find the answer only to that specific question that generated it.

  • Synastry - This is the art of relationship astrology. It is a very reliable analysis on how two people interact with each other and how compatible they are.

Synastry can be made for love relationships, family, friendships, corporate and other people interactions. (Extended consultation recommended)

This method involves comparative analysis of the charts of both persons involved using the methods of the astrology of Mesopotamia as our study is based on the knowledge from the Arabic and Latin translations of the secret doctrine of Hermes Trismegist (5000 years BC).

  • Electional Astrology is an astrology method that helps us find the most appropriate time for the successful beginning of certain important ventures or undertaking, like choosing the right date for your safe surgery, starting a project or business or any important event in life that you may have in mind.

The purpose of electional astrology is to choose specific planetary alignments in the future that are more well suited to the success of a given undertaking or project that one would like to initiate.

In the electional astrology, we need to have information about the event in question and its possible location.

  • Astrological magic is the finest art of astrology. This is actually the royal art of astrology known for centuries to have served variety of needs of royalties and the knowledgeable people.

The TALISMANS made in appropriate planetary and stellar time following ancient consecration rituals are made to serve variety of needs, such as to bring:

  • prosperity and abundance

  • love and attraction

  • money and wealth

  • good health and energies

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If you cannot find the right time in my schedule, please Contact Us.

The length of the Extended Consultation is 2 hours (not 1:30 hours)

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Areas of activity
I am sidereal astrologer specialized in ancient Babylonian astrology and astronomy. This knowledge I apply in my work.
Educaton (Diplomas and Certificates)

PHD in corporate psychology

DMA Certified astrologer from the Medieval School of Astrology of Robert Zoller in London

Scholar of Astrology (Ancient Babylonian studies) the Gent University in Belgium

Profesional field