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Ivaylo Dobrev

Hello, my name is Ivaylo Dobrev. I practice Astrology and my interests are most deeply pointed in its psychological and holistic parts, and also its medical, karmic and esoteric parts.
Astrology is a Language. The good translation of the language of the Stars (macro space) into human language (micro space) helps the individual to become conscious via specific guidance
and gives instructions for God's Will, which expressions we ourselves are, and which principles we are called to embody via experiencing different situations in which we can express our own
Will. Natal Chart (Horoscope) is a ''Road map'' which we have drawn before entering this embodiment on Earth and which we can use as a guidance for the right direction or to remind us the main
goal, the motivation of our current incarnation and how we can fulfill this goal in the best way for the development of the Soul. This 'Road map' contains instructions for the pavement of the road,
for the road signs: 'Attention! Sharp turn!', 'Turn Right', 'Dead end Street', 'Gas Staion in 5km', 'Crossroad', 'Attention! Road under construction', 'Maximum speed 50','No stopping', 'No waiting', 'New friendship', etc.
The Science of Stars is my passion, the Art of its interpretation brings me joy. You are welcome to dive together into it and make an exciting journey to your own Star Chart.

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Astrology, Poetry, Tai Chi, Ba Gua

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