Business with a meaning Module 1: How does energy work? How to keep your energy clean from external programming. How to master your emotions.

Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

What is our energetic make-up and how to control our enegy.

The information in this Module is taken from a variety of sources. I have personally tested all methods I teach.

The information of our energy make-up is taken from a book on energy healing and protection from mind control and energetic influence by Dmitri Verishchagin. He lead a research group, commissioned by the Russian government (in the 80s) on influencing individuals and groups of people through consciousness. Information from more than 500 people with extrasensory abilities was studied, researched and classified and a program for energetic influence and protection was created.

In this module I also give a brief overview of the Silva method (of mind control and ESP- Emotional Sensory Projection)


The two main energy flows

How does energy exchange happen among people?

How to protect yourself from external influence?

How to cleanse your energy to reach mental clarity on what you want?

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