Business with a meaning Module 5: Creating your life book in 1 session - gain clarity on the 12 main aspects of your life.

Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

The business will change your life, this is for certain.

I talked about gaining confidence to be visible and how this is crucial for selling. However, confidence to start a business requires additional tools. To start a business, you need support with practical ground, in addition to working with a higher purpose. You need strategy, the how.

Hopefully, you have already asked yourself why you want to start a business, and hopefully your answer is not “because I believe I can make money with it”. The truth is you will only make money, if you contribute to other people, or to a cause.

On top, this will give you meaning to what you do.
But contribution alone is not enough to give you meaning. You need to have your values aligned to the values of the business.

If one of your main values is quality time with your family, or life-work balance, then you would have to integrate it in the business model of your business.

The business will change your life, this is for certain. So, together with your business strategy, try and map out your LIFE strategy. What would a day in your life will look like, when you start your business?

Is this life vision in line with your values? When it all clicks in your mind – START!

Business is like a game of backgammon: part luck, part strategy and mostly a game.

Content of module 5:

Why and how to define the 12 main areas of our lives as described by Jon and Missy Butcher's Life book.

1. Your beliefs about each area of life

2. Your ideal situation. What do you want? Your Vision

3. Why do you want it? Your Purpose

4. How will you achieve it? Your Strategy

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