Start a Business with Meaning. Recorded Course

Monday, Jul 15, 2019

Online Programme

Start a Business with Meaning

Online Training

This is an online course that includes a blueprint sequence of 11 recorded training sessions with Zorina.

The course is designed to tackle issues of starting a business from a holistic perspective.

Together, we will look at your values, beliefs, vision, relationships, skills and passions. You will reach clarity on these and then we will work on the technical part – how to design a profitable business model, a business plan and how to make everything real.

This training program is especially designed for you, if you:

• want to start your own business but don’t know what and how

• would like align your current business to other areas of your life

• If you want to transition from your corporate job

• would like to know how to create synchronicities and success in your life

• want to improve your relationships – private and business

• feel STUCK and want to infuse more meaning in your live

• love spirituality and mindset but have no clue about business or

• you understand business but have no clue how to fit it in making you happy and fulfilled

What will you get from the training, if you use the tools I’m giving you:

• You will know how to use manifestation and create synchronicities

• You will improve your relationships

• Know what you want from all areas of your life

• Gain self-confidence to start a business

• Clarity about your purpose

• Find a business idea aligned to your purpose

• Create a profitable business model

• Have the business tools to design the concept of your business

• Clarity about the way your business should look like

• Know what to do next to make it happen


What you will learn:

1. How does energy work? How to keep your energy clean from external programming. How to master your emotions. Read more.

2. Manifestation rules and techniques. How to create syncronicities. Read more.

3. How your (love) relationships affect your business life. Read more.

4. Find your inner balance and gain confidence to start a business. Read more.

5. Creating your life book in 1 session - gain clarity on the 12 main aspects of your life. Read more.

6. How to identify the sweet spot between your passions and your skills / Get the business idea. Read more.

7. How to design a profitable business model - match your sweet spot to the market. Read more.

8. How to design your Strategy and Operations. Read more.

9. How to prepare a Business Plan. Read more.

10. How to plan your next steps and to get the needed contacts to support you in your journey (Including Sales Strategy for Social Media).

11. Post Training Progress Check and Q&A (audio recording)

You can join at any time and will receive the links to all recorded sessions. 

The Value of the course is above 5000 EUR and includes:

          • Course content - above 5000 EUR

          • Materials and resources: 300 EUR

          • Guest experts (eg. Sales strategy, energy clearing): 500 EUR

The actual price is a fraction of the Value, see Products below.

Enjoy this overview of the course done in collaboration with Astrolada.

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