Intuition Reset 21. New Starting Date TBA

Monday, Apr 26, 2021

Live Group/ Course

„Intuition is the most valuable skill you can learn in this life“ – Lots of people, and Zorina

No business training, or decision making training, or any other technical training can propel you forward faster than your intuition. Your intuition knows the quickest way to your desired goal. It guides you to your path, to your purpose.
Training your intuition allows you to live from a connected place, where life choices are easier. Choices such as choosing and dealing with the right love partners and business partners. Investing in the right thing, or renting the best property for you at any given moment.
Intuition allows you to trust yourself and the lack of it – leads you to distrust yourself. You can imagine how distrusting yourself can harm every part of your life, starting from your self-confidence.

The good news is, and I’m sure you’ve heard this – Intuition can be trained!

You can learn to receive answers to your questions and solutions to your problems that are not only the faster way to your goal but also – most aligned to your soul and to the natural laws of the Universe.
I have trained quite a few people on the Healnlearn Method, with strong elements of the Silva method, and although developing their intuition was not their primary goal – they all reported to have increased their intuition after the course.
Now I have put together a two-part course, especially designed to develop your Intuition.
You can choose to join both parts of the training, or only the first part, and in any case prepare to open a new world for yourself!

Part 1: two live group sessions (each of about 2,5 hours)

Dates: Weekend 1 - to be announced (sessions start at 8pm CET)
Introduction: What is intuition? What does is serve? Where does it reside? Being connected to the Divine, to God. Discerning deceiving entities
In breakout rooms – get to know eachother – you need some info in order to assess anything. Feed the brain first

Day 1. Experiencing the world in alpha – receiving answers in alpha state
Day 2. Psychometry – learn to read information from the energy field of an object

Part 2: two live group sessions (each of about 2,5 hours)

Dates: Weekend 2 - to be announced
Day 3: Syncronicities - The three finger technique for intuition + breakout room training.
Day 4: Silva method working with the council + dreams

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