FREE Webinar: OMG! I’m coughing, do I need to worry?

Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Recorded Webinar

Want to learn more about your health in crazy times?
It’s Cold and flu season.

Every year when it gets colder, days become shorter and the sun is low, cold and flu infections are on the rise.
But unlike other years, this year, when someone starts to cough or sneeze many are very unsettled because “it might be THE virus”.
Information one gets on social media, or on the news is so unmanageable and contradictory, that it is hardly possible for a layperson to tell what’s true, when to call the doctor, or how much fear is justified.

- What can you do to strengthen your immune system in the first place, to create better immunity to all kinds of germs?
- Is every cough dangerous and how to discern a severe infection from a harmless one without running to the physician, or taking a test every time you catch something, to help save hospitals and doctors’ offices from overload and yourself from new infections?
- Which herbs have proven antiviral effect and what to ask for in the pharmacy to get well soon?

Heidi Gregor is a health expert, pharmacist, author of two books and a holistic health and Charisma Coach on, with a broad knowledge about health and Charisma, and a holistic approach to it.

She reads and can interpret scientific articles as well as she knows about the impact your mind and emotions have on the immune system.
Heidi wants to help clarify uncertainty and misinformation in the current situation.

In a FREE call she offered to tell us:

- how to differentiate a cold from a flu from a sars cov 2 (or “IT”)
- what your practical options for plant- based treatment and prophylaxis are
- what your holistic options are to strengthen your immune system against any germs

Book your space for the FREE call below, or book her PIPP: Immune Power Programme for deepened insight and mindset work to stay healthy in crazy times.