The Purpose Grail. New Intake 14 Nov

Thursday, Jul 16, 2020

Live Group / Course

The Purpose Grail

Do you want to be successful? What do you want to achieve?

WHY do you want to achieve the THING?

Most people struggle to get clear-headed about their purpose and spend their lives bumping off various goals and ideas, installed by society. As a matter of fact, clarity of purpose is a number one roadblock to our happiness, including happiness in our relationships.

In this live course I will walk you through various methods to gain clarity and discover your purpose. In the process, you will also naturally learn to use the Silva Method of Mind Control.

This will be a 5-week-long course with Sessions once a week.

Course Topics and Dates:

1. Psychology and Esoteric Tools to discover your Talents

2. Tools to discover your Idea/Mission/Career Path

3. Basics of the Silva Method

4. Mastermind Group – Discover Your Purpose

5. Mastermind Group – Manifest the first thing in front of you – based on the Silva Method.

To have a taste of the Silva Method Tools, check out this video:

The Mastermind Groups will be limited to 12 people per group – the optimum level for group work with the Silva Method. Depending on the number of participants, the Mastermind Groups may be split in two, or more interactive groups. Therefore, the starting times of the last two sessions may differ from the announced ones.

You will receive the exact schedule of sessions upon registration in the course.

All classes start @7pm CET, 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific. Next Course begins on the 14th of Nov.

During the sessions we will have our videos on and record. The recordings will be distributed to the participants after each session and can only be used for study purposes.

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You may also want to consider the Flexible, recorded with Live Q&A, version of this course. Find out more HERE.