How to stay healthy in times of Corona? Immune Power Programme: New date to be announced

Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020

Live Group / Course

What you will learn:

- The six columns of holistic health
- How mind and psyche can weaken or strengthen your immune system
- That a Mindset-Check is your most important protective shield against germs
- That positive emotions are key for strong immunity
- That fear leads to a negative stress reaction in your body
- How negative stress weakens your immune system and how you can change it
- Methods and tips to implement lasting improvement

How you will benefit:

- You will gain knowledge about what really matters to stay healthy
- Expert Know How apart from mainstream
- You will learn how to realize and change negative thinking habits
- How to strengthen your health by your own means, to be protected against germs
- You’ll receive methods and instructions for improved health and well-being to implement into your life

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- Why Covid-19 crisis is a wake-up call to reflect about lifestyle and habits.
- What is holistic health
- The body, a holistic system
- Columns of health: Mindset - positive emotions - diet - movement - sleep - influential habits

Enjoy this video by Heidi "What is HOLISTIC HEALTH?"

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Stress and the crash of the immune system
- About stress and what it means for our body
- Negative thinking habits and their effect on our emotions and biochemistry
- Crash of the Immune systems - susceptibility to infections
- Methods of stress reduction

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Focus on change
- About Negative thinking habits= Mindset+ believe systems
- The body follows the mind.
- How your thoughts become your preventive medicine
- Re-framing of believes

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- Pleasant versus difficult emotions
- Understanding emotions as signs for misleading thoughts
- Journal your emotions and the thoughts behind
- Influence of the language you use


Focus: Experiment and train with positive - negative focus:
- How changing your focus influences your life
- Learn to ask the right questions
- A question that always fits
- Exercise: Find the good in....


Worry versus the Power of Now
- How to implement more healthy habits
- Healthy morning rituals make all the difference
- The importance of gratitude
- Habits implementation: Do it for 21 days and it becomes a habit, do it for 90 days and it becomes a lifestyle

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Tips: Q and A diet and supplements
- Nutrition+ Supplements
- Movement
- Habits

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Open content, to be aligned to the needs of the participants.

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