The Temple of My Soul - FREE Taster and Email Access

Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

4 Sessions over 2 Months

In this current crisis where many people are isolated, I am offering a taster of the 12 chapter program The Temple of My Soul for FREE. I am hoping that this gift will inspire people to search and find newness of life.

Over 2 months I will be teaching the first 4 steps on the road to falling in love with your body in 4 fortnightly sessions of 90 mins.
Email access is unlimited.

These first 4 sessions cover:

1.The Wounded Child
2.Rejecting your body is learnt behaviour
3.Doubting yourself, a lesson to be unlearnt
4.Poor life choices uncovered

The Temple of My Soul

Exploring the Potential for Healing

From a Life Damaged by a Distorted Body Image

Traveling by train a few years ago, I suddenly realized that I had eaten an entire packed of biscuits without even thinking about it. How did that happen, I wondered? I had not even been hungry. On reflection, I became aware that I had tried to fill an empty space within me with food.

I explored this emptiness, and very soon memories of my childhood came flooding back. Unveiling and unraveling a lot of learnt behaviour around the issues of body image and food, has been a powerful journey. The reward is magical. Today I am in love with the temple of my soul.

I battled with a poor body image ever since I was 4 years old. When I looked at old photographs I realized that there had been nothing wrong with my shape. The messages I had received and believed though had told me otherwise. They sadly and disturbingly became a breeding ground for my distorted body image. This caused me a lot of suffering for decades to come.

Whether during my childhood or teenage years, as a young or middle aged woman, a program seemed to run my life, which kept me stuck on the treadmill of a food addiction. I had resigned myself to believing that this was my lot in life, never feeling content about my body, never truly at home in my skin.

Passionate about sharing my discovery and the journey to healing with the world, I wrote the course

The Temple of My Soul

Exploring the Potential for Healing

From a Life Damaged by a Distorted Body Image

Whenever I talk about the course, I realize, that my transformed childhood wounds, and the excavation of a life that seemed lost have a purpose as both can be a catalyst for healing and peace.
Today I see clearly how a distorted body image ever since my childhood influenced my choices in a self-sabotaging way. One of them for example was choosing partners who reinforced this negative body image.

I am excited about supporting humanity in its evolution by taking those who long to make peace with their bodies on an introspective journey.

This twelve chapter course offers a map to freedom. It helps students to connect with the inner child, break the vicious circle of self-hatred, awaken to a life that seemed lost and reclaim their youth. By setting the trapped youngster deep within free a new life begins inspired by writing a new story.

It is my dream to guide as many people as possible towards falling in love with their bodies and enjoy the temple of the soul.
I would love to support you on your journey of discovery to those seemingly lost parts influenced by a distorted body image.

Sending you warmth from my soul to yours,

Your Happiness Designer

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