Sunday, Mar 15, 2020

Online Group Mastermind Training

Mystics say that once upon a time the human had 12, rather than 5 senses. Therefore, our abilities are now 5/12ths of what they had once been.

Mind scholars have long stated that humans currently use 3 to 4% of their brain capacity. What you may not realize is that brain capacity is not contained in the physical brain but it is rather it’s ability to access information from the surrounding world.

Jose Silva was a pioneer in discovering a methodology for unleashing this latent potential. With these protocols you can learn to mold the Matrix of reality and take control of your own life

For more on the Silva Method check out my videos on Healnlearn Youtube

What you will learn in this course:

1. How to go into Alpha State and project your consciousness out of your body (Effective Sensory projection)
2. Protocols to diagnose people
3. How to find lost objects
4. How to read the energy-information from objects: Psychometry
5. How to recall forgotten information and learn new information fast
6. How to receive information and advice from your own Council
7. Protocols to heal yourself and others, physically and psychologically
8. How to improve your relationships
9. How to programme a desired outcome of a situation/manifest
10. How to work in a group Mastermind to achieve results faster

These topics will be covered in 5 sessions, over 5 weeks.

You will receive the exact schedule of sessions upon registration in the course. The next upcoming starting date is 30th of May, Sunday. Each course group is limited to 12 participants.

In the meantime, check out my Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions.

During the sessions we will have our videos on and record. The recordings will be distributed to the participants after each session and can only be used for study purposes.

To register, click on the product below. Payment in installments is possible. Contact me for options.

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