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I was WRONG! There IS Published Official Research on Consciousness!

A few months ago, I made a video talking about the lack of scientific studies conducted and published by official agencies on the question of Consciousness; what is it, how can we use it to interact with one another and more.

Well, guess what: I got my hands on such a study!

I am currently going through ‘Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process’ conducted by the CIA and approved for release in Oct. 2003. The analysis was submitted in 1983, that is 40 years ago!!!

So, the document starts by outlining what is known about quantum mechanics and theoretical physics in relation to consciousness. Then a comparison is made profiling related techniques that affect consciousness, such as hypnosis, biofeedback and transcendental meditation (there are significant differences – you’d be surprised!

 Now take a look at this!

The power contained in our consciousness is immense!

The team behind this paper had developed techniques for activating and working with consciousness. Some of them include Consciousness in Perspective, Problem Solving, Patterning (called mind and situation programming in Silva), Color Breathing, Energy Bar Tool, Remote Viewing, Living Body Map, Information Collection Potential.

The human mind under the discipline of Hemi-Sync acts after the fashion of a laser beam….The stream of energy is projected with total coherence of both frequency and amplitude such that the surface area of the laser beam contains billions of times the concentrated energy found in a similar surface area of the Sun. ~ Melissa Jager as part of the CIA study Analysis and Assesment of Gateway Process

I was quite astounded to find out that I teach most of these tools in my courses – some of them are Silva method techniques, and others come from a Russian system for mind control, developed around the same time the above paper was published.

Here’s an excerpt of the conclusion:

There is a sound, rational basis in terms of physical science parameters for considering Gateway to be plausible in terms of its essential objectives. Institutional Insights of not only personal but of practical and professional nature would seem to be within bounds of reasonable expectations.

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