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7 Steps to Align to the Rhythms of Nature and to Stay Healthy

An ancient system of the Tengra’s – a Bulgarian tribe.

Everything in nature follows a certain rhythm and is subjected to a certain rhythm

  • Day to night
  • Cold to warm
  • The seasons change
  • Our bodies also follow a certain rhythm, nothing happens chaotically, you eat at a certain time, but you don’t sleep and go to the toilet simultaneously…usually

The rhythm of the organism is subjected to the rhythm and the pulsations of the etheric body. Just like the blood in your body circulates following the pulse of your heart, the pulsations of your etheric body determine the orchestration of all of your bodily processes. The pulsations of your etheric body determine the flow of the main energy streams that run through it. This is how the etheric body goes to serve the well-being of your physical body.

The human is a part of nature and naturally its rhythm is very closely connected to the rhythm of nature. Which ones, you would ask?

  1. The change of day to night, light and dark, summer to winter is also a change from light to dark
  2. The next rhythm is the change from cold to warm cold in the night – warm in the day and cold in winter and warm in summer

If this rhythm is somehow altered and distorted, disease starts: think of all the stories you’ve heard about people who do night shifts. Overtime, their organisms weaken and they start getting predisposition to disease. Now, you’re probably thinking: “Yes, I do get sick but these are all viruses. Viruses can only attack whenever there’s a hole in the etheric body and a fluctuation of the natural energy flow.

  • Another rhythm that nature and we as a part of it are subject to is moist and dryness. Moist is native to spring, while dryness is native to autumn, when the Earth is breathing out the hot summer heat.
  • In nature, everything is cyclical and a day is nothing but a year in miniature.

Moist is native not only in spring but also to the morning Dryness is native not only to autumn but also to the evening, when the earth gives off the gathered warmth from the sun. The same principle goes with the change from cold to warm and from light to dark.

According to the Tengra system each of these natural phenomena is related to the natural elements – fire, air, earth and water.

The Morning corresponds to moist – which is a combination of two elements – air and water;

The Day corresponds to warmth – the elements – air and fire;

The Evening corresponds to dryness – elements fire and earth;

The Night corresponds to coldness – and the elements earth and water.

Every day, as we shift from day to night, the influence of each of the element’s changes.

To have optimal health, our task is to live in alignment to this natural flow of the elements. Only then, the rhythm of the nature will start supporting the rhythms within our bodies and we can start utilizing a part of this energy, filling our bodies with it.

7 Steps to Align Your Body to the Elements of Nature

Maintaining the biological rhythms of the body

These are in essence meditative exercises, not mechanical ones, so you’d have to feel into them.

Step 1. Morning: Stay in bed, massage the body with palms. Don’t jump and run to the bathroom half asleep – your body will forever remain asleep in this way. Instead, you have to put consciousness in every action, to feel alive.

Increase the intensity of the massage, enjoy, stretch 😊

Step 2. Contact the elements of the morning – remember these are moist and cold.

Open the window, take a shower with room temperature. Feel the moist in every cell, the contact with water is vital for us. After you wash yourself stand up straight, put your shoulders back and breath in deeply 21 times. While doing that focus on the downward stream of energy that runs from your crown chakra down to your root chakra connecting all chakras. (Some info on this energy flow is available in my video: Tool to Remove Karma)

If you get dizzy, splash water on your face 21 times.

Step 3. Around lunch. The elements of moist change with the elements of warmth – the elements that reign are air and fire. Now your body needs to attune to these elements.

Focus on the upward stream of energy that comes from the earth, running from your root upwards to your crown chakra. Breathe in deeply a few times. Pinch- massage the head for about 5 minutes to prepare it for the absorption on the elements of fire and air.

Step 4. Around 1 o’clock at noon you are ready to breath in the elements of the fire and air. Breath in 21 times increasing the upwards stream of energy.

  • For about 5 minutes focus with your left eye on absorbing the sunlight. Of course, don’t stare it at directly, you can squint and blink a lot. If the Sun is not visible, look at a lamp- let in the light. Again, enjoy the process, feel the nature, and how you are a part of it.

Step 5. Make simple exercises moving your feet and massage them with your hands. Around 6pm you have to decrease the feeling of warmth. The element of warmth still reigns but slowly the element of earth starts increasing its power carrying the premonition of the upcoming cold of the night.

Step 6.  Massage the feet intensively

One hour before going to sleep, walk barefoot for a few minutes, and take a few deep breaths. Ideally, you should go out in the open and step barefoot on the ground to connect to the dryness of the earth. Focus on the feelings of dryness and coolness. This exercise is best done in the dark, or in any case when the light is dim.

Step 7. Tap your body with your fingers and palms before going to sleep. Right before you go to bed start tapping your body, to put it to sleep. Unlike the morning tapping routine, tap yourself to sleep with slow caressing. Touching each part of your body, you can hold your hands on it for 2-3 seconds. Sleep in a cold room- this is in line with the elements of the night

What will you achieve when your rhythm to the one of Nature?

When you do this regularly, you will teach your energetics to unconsciously start connecting to the energies of nature. Your self-confidence will start improving.

You will start feeling the nature more, you will notice that it is alive. You will receive tremendous energy from Nature and you will never ever feel alone anymore, because you will be in contact with Life at any point of time and space.

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