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How to overcome FEAR through understanding predetermination

How to confront fear linked to a desired outcome?

We all know that fear is useful to raise adrenalin in fight and flight situations and to help us survive. However, it is absolutely useless, if it persists in a longer time frame. Then it is actually detrimental – it blocks you, mentally, physically and spiritually.

You can use a lot of tools from psychology and logical thinking to talk yourself out of fear. There are tools to deal with fear that I am from time to time sharing on the Healnlearn video channels in youtube, bitchute, and rumble.

Today, I will take a very high-level stance on fear:

The key for eliminating fear hides in spirituality (in your soul).

Questions to ask yourself – tools to solve your fear.

  1. Why do you want it?

If you want to achieve something, the number one thing to ask yourself is why you want this thing. Very often, you don’t really want it but have unconsciously embraced societal views that you should want it. Luxurious lifestyle is one of these things.

  1. Next is to ask yourself, why you fear.

And keep asking about ‘the why’ till you get to the bottom. The bottom is always, always always…people are afraid of being hurt, and ultimately, of being hurt so much that they would either die, or miss out on an experience.

  • Fears are ultimately connected to the fear of death and to not realizing that we are eternal spirit. Once you realize that you are a soul that now has a human body, you realize that this is just an experience and not a question of life, or death, because you – the eternal being cannot die. This applies to any fear – see yourself as the eternal spirit that you are. See how small your fear is in this potential scenario that you are developing.
  • The fear of missing out is the fear that we wouldn’t have achieved something by the end of our lives, something important to us. In this case, we come down to the eternal spirit as well. Because, as an eternal spirit you can have as many human experiences as you desire and you always get second, and third chances, and 500th chances. So, that’s the fear of missing out. You cannot lose something that is always there.

As a part of solving the fear of missing out (FOMO) – Allow yourself to make mistakes.

We are not allowing ourselves to make mistakes because we believe we only have limited time, a limited life. When you realize that you are on Earth, having a human experience, to learn – it finally starts getting to you that mistakes are a part of life. The process of learning always includes making mistakes. And if you approach your desire with curiosity, rather than with fixation, then three things will happen: 

  • You will relax, and thus your fear will vanish
  • Once the low vibration of fear is gone, you will attract the object of your desire
  • You will be able to more effectively deal with any problem that arises and learn from it, rather than panic and say “I knew this was going happen”.
  1. What is the worst thing that can happen to you and is it really that bad?

Let’s look at the scenario of your partner leaving you. Yeah, it’s not too much fun – there’s hurt and suffering involved sometimes but it’s a human experience…

You will see it as a lesson, latest when you perceive your eternal soul.

Solving Fear by Understanding Free Will and Predetermination

If you really want something that is divinely your right, then you are on purpose. This is what God wants too.

‘Fire of Love’ is one of my youtube channel subscribers, who in a comment said she had a theory, which was that we feel things (have a premonition), when they are supposed to happen.

And here’s what I think today (8 Apr 2020):

  • Free will or predetermination

If we take a stance that we are eternal spiritual beings, a part of God, and it is all predetermined by Him, then is it not also predetermined by us, because we are a part of Him? So, it is both predetermined and we are acting upon our own free will at the same time.

  • The concept of time

If we are eternal beings, this also means that we exist forever. And when there is no beginning and no end, there is also no time. Because there is no distance to be travelled. So, what this means is that the predetermination is happening now.

We, in our human experience, are experiencing time and therefore we wonder, whether things are meant to be. Actually, everything is meant to be but it doesn’t mean that we can’t act on it. If we have the thought and the impulse, this is also meant to be.

Confronting fearThe key for eliminating fear hides in spirituality
Questions to solve your fearWhy do you want it? Why do you fear it? 
Solving the fear of missing outPart of the process of solving the fear is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Understanding the free willIf you really want something that is divinely your right, then you are on your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you overcome fear?

The key for overcoming fear hides in your soul. Accept the truths as much as you can to move ahead on the path of fearlessness.

What is FOMO?

The fear of missing out is the fear that we wouldn’t have achieved something by the end of our lives.

Is it possible to remove fear?

The most effective way to overcome fear is by gradually exposing yourself to that fear.

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