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How to manage hanger? (hunger/anger)

Laimei Yeung

We have all been there, feeling anger because you are hungry

A state of anger caused by a lack of food. We have all been there, feeling anger because you are hungry. It is a dangerous combination; you want all the food and feel like you are starving and you will be falling to pieces if you don’t get food RIGHT NOW.

We all know what is it, but why are you feeling like this? Hanger is actually a response to low blood sugar levels. Depending on the person the symptoms can be stronger, some people are more sensitive to low blood sugar levels than others. Letting your blood sugars drop to a dangerously low level will result in hanger! So don’t wait too long, you will end up feeling desperate and out of control! But don’t be afraid, you are not alone and being hangry is really a thing!

So how to prevent getting hangry?

Keep on reading and I will give you some tips to deal with this problem!
But first of all, what is actually happening when you are hangry? You will start looking for food with high calories, lots sugar and carb-laden. Or in other words, the “bad” foods. Your body is a smart machine, because it is actually looking for the fastest way to increase your sugar levels, so it is really logical that you are craving sugars!

If blood sugar levels drop too low, your body begins to see this as life-threatening because your brain will not have its preferred fuel available to function. The body’s main priority is to keep the brain alive, but without enough glucose available, your brain starts to find it difficult to concentrate or behave within social norms. This is when you feel irritated.

Your body has many systems in place to help encourage you to eat to avoid feeling overly hungry. When blood sugar begins to drop, your stomach sends a signal via the vagus nerve to the brain that it needs food. This signal is usually accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and maybe some gurgling in the stomach.

As part of that signalling mechanism, your body starts to release hormones in response.
On the other hand, you will grab the quickest sugar ending up in overcompensating and our blood sugar levels will end up sky-rocking! This way you will start the blood sugar roller coaster, going up, going down!

So, what should we eat?

Let’s skip the sugar, because what we already know is eating sugar will cause craving more sugar! Focus on a more balanced meal or snack.

So, is hanger preventable?

This is the exciting part! Yes, hanger can be prevented, you don’t have to be hangry anymore!

It is all about balancing your biochemistry. You have the power to provide your body with the nutrients that support your biochemistry. Balanced blood sugar levels contribute to consistent energy levels, better focus, stable moods and no cravings! So let me give you some tips how to prevent and control your emotions.

1. Eating protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates every few hours. This way you will get off the blood sugar roller coaster and will keep your levels stable. No spikes and no crashes.

2. Eat real, whole foods. Avoid the massive spikes in your blood sugar levels by eating real food. Think of protein from meat, healthy fats from nuts and nutritious carbohydrates from vegetables. Also eating fruit will regulate your blood sugar levels.

3. Don’t eat only carbohydrates. Be sure to include a protein and fat with a carbohydrate. Don’t get down on the path of doomed hanger.

If you can identify yourself in the story above and you would like to take a deep look at your emotions and your eating habits, do contact me for an appointment. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry I know! I can help you to balance your blood sugar levels and brain chemistry so you can break free of the vicious cycle of sugar cravings and feeling hanger.

Love Laimei

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