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How to get the love relationship you dream of


Yes, this title applies to you, even if you are currently in a relationship. I suppose lots of you, coupled ladies, are looking to increase the spark in their love life. And for the ones currently looking for a relationship, this anyhow applies.

Lets first talk about your real desire to have a love relationship. I have a friend, a successful lady in her 40’s, who often says she is looking for a partner but when I ask her whether she truly wants one, she says she isn’t sure. Does this sound like you? You see, often we tend to comply to the expectations that we think others have from us. Often, this doesn’t even come near to our true desires. You act as if you’re looking for a relationship, or as if you want to be in a loving relationship but are you investing any time and energy in this?

Remember the last time you achieved something you really wanted? Say you wanted to get in a very special university. How did you manage this? Did you invest time, effort, energy and creativity to reach your goal? And now, when you look at your love life, are you putting the same effort to achieve success? Now you know a bit more about your desire to be in a love relationship.

Maybe you just recently got the idea that you might need more love in your life, so in this case, also read on.
Whether you will be in a loving relationship, in a suffering one, or in a non-existing one, is all encoded on us from our childhoods. What were your mom and dad like to each other? Was one, or both of them not present? The answer to this question will give you a clue about the state of your love life: past, present, and if you don’t work on yourself – future. If your parents loved each other, good for you, you can sit back and relax. It is very likely that you have enough self-worth and love yourself. This, in turn, allows you to love men (or the opposite sex in general) and to enter and maintain loving relationships.

For the less fortunate of us, there is some work to be done: Firstly, you will have to heal the relationship of your parents. Clearly, you cannot turn back time, manifest miraculous powers and change the past. Or can you? Your past lives in your memories. The place you keep these imageries is in your mind. And like any other software, or file, you can reprogram yourself and paste another file. See my point? So, here is your 1-minute daily exercise for the coming 3 months: Create one or more stories, scenes or settings of your parents loving each other. Journal some of them and write them in very minute details. Then replay one or more of these scenes every day in your mind and notice how you feel, enjoy seeing their love!

You will soon start noticing the results. Your self-worth will start improving. Your appreciation of the opposite sex will start improving. This is as far as works of the mind goes, basic and profound.

Now, let’s get practical. You will have to work on both the mental and the physical plane to achieve your goal. Each will reinforce the other. The more you work with your mind, the more you will want to take action. And, the more actions you take, the more your way of thinking will re-wire. What are the physical actions you need to take to get love into your life? What would you do first? Start planning the steps you need to take to get more love in your life. Diligently, you will know the answer. Just keep in mind that you will have to give up something to make space for a love relationship.

Like that time when you were preparing to get into university and you achieved it.

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