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How to Find Your Soulmate?

 – a Few Ways – but the same Principles

Finding a Soulmate

Do you believe in soulmates, or in the love definition of the decade – twin flames?

The definitions that are circulating around are that anyone can be your soulmate – not necessarily your love partner but your friend, or grandma also. Soulmates are people from the same soul family.

Unlike soulmates, twin flames can only be love relationship related. A twin flame is the person that most resonates to your soul and that has the same soul urges as you. According to definitions of other people, it is extremely rare to meet your twin flame, and even rarer to be in a relationship with them, as this is usually bound to a lot of challenges.

But these are all definitions…given by people, who like to order things and give boundaries 😊

For the purpose of answering the question in the title, I will stick to the term soulmate – How to find one – how to find love and be in a satisfying relationship? I will start by sharing a few approaches that I know for finding a soulmate.

  1. The first approach starts from the THINKING side of you. It asks you to define well enough what you value, how you want to live you life, what your day looks like. This is a method taught in most relationship courses, and also taught in the famous Life Book course on Mindvalley. So, once you know who you are (simplistically through your values) and what you want, you can proceed to defining the qualities of your soulmate.

Your definition better include mostly qualities of character and the person’s values, because these are likely to get your deep emotional involvement in this image, which is necessary for attracting a soulmate. Of course, you can add your preferences of the looks of your soulmate but these will be only secondary in importance, if you are really looking for a soulmate, rather than a bodymate.

When you use this method for finding a soulmate, it is important to journal your thoughts – write, and re-write as often as you like – describe your life the way you want it to be and your relationship with your soulmate – the way you want it to be in detail, with honestly and passion. This process is not simply clarification and planning – it is an essential step in manifesting a soulmate – the clearer you become about your goal – the better you see it and the faster it will come.

  1. The Second Approach is the integrative approach that involves emotions and images. It requires you to FEEL your soulmate in your life.

Before I proceed, I would like to clarify that the THINKING approach to finding a soulmate does not exclude FEELING what you are writing, rather the opposite – the more you engage your feelings and all your sensations – the better. Here, I am simplifying the methods by underlining the main process/activity involved.

So, back to the integrative approach! The integrative approach requires you to imagine – create a mind movie of your ideal soulmate and the main activities and goals you accomplish together. For this integrative approach to work, there are quite a few details that need to be in place. Firsly, the mind movie you create with your soulmate should be aligned with the Ethical Principles of Manifestation.

Next, your goal to find a soulmate should be your most burning problem/desire. I’ve often met people, who say „I want to find a soulmate but I’m also happy by myself.“

To me this is a red light bulb, indicating a big fat lie and a dishonesty with your own feelings. Most people, who say they are also fine by themselves, one – do not have enough desire to manifest a relationship, and two – do not believe they deserve and can attract a soulmate.

It’s good to note here that desire and belief to achieve a goal feed on eachother – the more you believe in the possibility of achieving something – the more you want it to happen. (I teach all of that in my course the Healnlearn Method, where we also do Manifestation Mastermind Groups to help manifest eachother’s goals.)

Further Energy – Information Development Method

There is a variation of the integrative method – that is a bit more technical at first and involves controlling of your energy flows. In later steps, it requires full emotional and bodily sensations involvement to achieve a goal. This includes the goal of finding a soulmate. It is more emotionally intense than the Silva Method I practice in my Healnlearn Mastremind course.

I have a recorded course on Clearing Karma with this Method, if you are curious.

In a nutshel – with these FEELING apparoaches – the process requires you to create a clear image of your life together with a soulmate and to feel it with all your senses and emotions (to see in detail, to hear the sounds, feel your skin, smell the scents, taste with your mouth and feel with your heart).

  1. Commanding Your Soulmate in Your Life

This approach is unlike anything you have heard of, and it is not something I practice. However, I can direct you to the right person, who can help you. He performs rituals aligned to the forces of Nature that represent a Decree, or an Order for Your Soul- Half to appear in your life. Find out more in this video here.


If I do all of these meditation and manifestation techniques, shouldn’t I also take action?

Things will align in unexpected ways. It is important you enjoy the process of meeting your soulmate and the thought of being together. Do not force yourself to go out dating, if this is not your thing. Simply, have fun with the activities you love doing anyways and meet the people you usually do. If you make the process a drudgery, you will repell the outcome. 

Moreover, when you meet your soulmate in an environment that you normally enjoy, you are being authentic. Imagine having to introduce this person to your real hobbies and friends that do not match at all the environment you met in – it could get weird.

How long does it take to manifest my soulmate, if I use the Silva method?

The moment you truly understand the principles and rules of manifestation, you will also discover why sometimes things happen easily, and sometimes – hard, or not at all. 

I have interwoven this manifestation philosophy in the Mastermind groups that I facilitate (The Healnlearn Method, based on the Silva Method). The takes 5 sessions over five weeks, and I have had multiple people manifesting their goals within the second, or the third week, some by the end of the course. Other participants write to me months after to let me know that they have ‚manifested it‘.

What if I find a soulmate and then it turnes out that we do not get along at all?

If you have met your soulmate, there will be times when you do not get along well. Just like with any other person. The ones, who have children, let’s be honest – sometimes it’s even hard to get along well with your children. However, if the person is your soulmate indeed, there will be only temporary setbacks, so that you two get the chance to align again. If you find yourself in persisting disagreements and spot major value mismatches, then accept you have made a mistake and move on.

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