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How to be more charismatic and influential?

What is this good for? Everything that requires your interaction with other people – be it online, or in person.

Of course, being more charismatic shouldn’t be a means to an end – that is just to satisfy your ego. Charisma should be used as an enabler to reach your worthwhile goals. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to envelop the full potential of your charisma, unless you are authentic, and full authenticity can only be reached, if you are influencing people out of your deep conviction – if you engage them, and inspire them to contribute to your worthwhile goal, or overal purpose.

There are three layers through which you can work on your charisma and exude influence: the psysiological (the way you look, your voice, your gestures, your odour etc.), the psychological (authenticity, inner strength, magnetism, creating myths about yourself etc.)

Finally, there is the energetic, or energy-information aspect of charisma.

However, to be fully effective you should learn about all three layers and apply the principles , steadily and continually, until they become a part of you.

In my course The Healnlearn Method, I teach people to apply a lot of the energy-information principles I am teaching here. The method is based on the Silva method of mind control and has elements of another system of mind control and energy-information habits, developed/compiled decades ago by Russian scentists.

All of the practices that I am sharing are aimed at helping people to self-actualize, to reach their potential, to reach social success.

The energy-information practices transform the charisma from within and are especially aimed at improving the energy-information exchange between You and other people.

Step 1: Remove your emotional indebtedness.

We are all indebted to somebody for something. This could be not only money but also a good word, a gift, a favour of any sort that keeps you emotionally indebted to other people. So, step one is to give back what you emotionally owe. Gift that present, say the good word, give back the money you owe – this will clear out the space for good things to come in your life and for your overall energy level to rise.

Imagine the space within you being like an empty room, in which you constantly bring something – all kinds of furniture, food, people, money, toys – everything you’ve gotten your whole life. All of these things jam up your internal space with the energies of other people.

When you give things in return, there is circulation of energy, your internal room doesn’t get jammed up. The lack of indebtedness of any sort – emotional indebtedness helps form a positive image of you.

Step 2: Create a slight emotional indebtedness of other people to you.

This is step one more or less in reverse. When you do more for other people than what they do for you, such as listen to their emotional problems more, give them gifts and the like, we create an emotional indebtedness of the other person. Such an emotional state will soon lead other people to agree more with your words and actions and to generally support you more.

We will continue with non-verbal and verbal communication in the next edition/episode, and later on in followng episodes I am going to talk about chakra expansion.

This is going to be like a mini free course on creating influence and charisma using energy-information.

If you’re interested in learning this method and the Silva Method, join my course The Healnlearn Method, where we work in a Mastermind group to control our energy-information matrix, to heal, to manifest, discover our purpose, access our Guides and improve every our of our lives.

I also offer the course „The Healnlearn Method for Trainers“, in which I will share the entire methodology and materials for you to be able to teach this method to others.

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