Why Should I join HealnLearn?

HealnLearn offers you the opportunity to reach new customers online, using the power of many. The more service providers there are on the platform, the more clients will be attracted to use your services overall, so do invite your peers to join.

On the platform you can offer counseling any time and from any place you want – you have the full flexibility to manage your schedule. Moreover, the system and the processes of the platform make sure you have less cancellations and less missed appointments.

What education and certifications do I need to join as a counselor?

During registration you will be asked to provide a copy of your diplomas and certifications for the type of counseling services you will be offering on the platform. Years of experience in the field count just as well, unless your expertise is in a certifiable profession, like psychology.

May I use the platform abroad, or to serve clients abroad?

Yes, HealnLearn is available worldwide. Please observe the time zone when setting up your platform calendar. The time zone of the platform is Vienna time, CET.

What is the price of a counseling session on HealnLearn?

The service providers determine the prices of the services they offer. HealnLearn retains a share of the price per session as a platform fee. In return, we provide secure video calls, technical support, virtual office with calendar, online payment, and marketing tools for your online business.

Please contact us to receive the full terms and conditions for working with HealnLearn.

What kind of computer, or other technical equipment do I need to use the Platform?

Please review the Technical FAQ section.

How many new clients can I get through the platform?

New customers, who visit the platform, can choose you as their counselor, and this allows many of our service providers to increase their business. To increase your visibility on the platform you can give an interview on our youtube channel or provide webinars, marketed and sold through the platform.

We also encourage our service providers to offer the platform to their current clients as a convenient alternative to, or as a complement to face-to-face counseling.

Is there a minimum number of sessions I have to provide on HealnLearn?

As a service provider on HealnLearn you manage your own schedule. You can provide as many counseling sessions as you want by managing your availability in your platform calendar. However, service providers are expected to be available for at least 15 sessions per month.

How to join?