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Embracing the Surrender Experiment: Trusting Life’s Flow

I’ve been learning to notice the signs, and the more I experience them, the more I trust them. Such was the instance with my reading of the book ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael A. Singer. Firstly, it was recommended on the topic of trust by my coach, and next thing you know, the feng shui consultant in one of the groups I follow posts she had spent time with Michael A. Singer at the Temple of the Universe.

Just a brief synopsis of the book: Michael Sinclair tells the sequence of events in his life from the moment he decided to surrender the desires of the self, to the moment he became the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, while he was still living in a secluded area and maintaining his engagement with the spiritual community that got started around his practices of yoga and spirituality and became ‘The Temple of the Universe’, a place for spiritual retreats and practices.

The premise of the book is that the flow of life knows what is best for you and if you surrender to the opportunities with full trust and by dismissing your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, life will keep surprising you and offering you more and more opportunities to be of service. The surrender experiment is really about surrendering to the ‘asking of the universe’ of where you can be of service.

I read a few comments of people regarding the nature of the ask, and what exactly is service. One guy says if he surrendered to the ask, the Universe (via his mom) would ask him to satisfy every whim she had. One of the most important distinctions we all have to pay attention to is the difference between service and servitude.

Here is a question that will help you discern the two: Does the service give you more energy, through the power of inspiration and flow, or does it drain you? Next, people have a difficulty discerning between service and servitude when doing good, such as lifting someone from a dire circumstance. If a person calls you and asks you to do their work, be it emotional or physical, you would not be providing service but rather depriving the person from the chance to grow. The important question in the ‘do good’ service is: ‘Are you serving one person alone or impacting many?’

Should you then not help at all? Of course you should, with the level of awareness that you cannot live life and imbue energy into another person, energy always comes from within. You can only inspire another, so that they create their own energy!

I guess I’d need a third example here, otherwise my analysis won’t be complete 😉 What if you had never desired an opportunity that opens up for you? Maybe you thought your path would take you in a different direction? Don’t you have to choose your battles?

I personally think that opportunities are anyhow drawn to us by our subconscious mind. Sometimes we are not aware of what’s in the subconscious mind, and sometimes we have actively recorded it there. Through repetition, visualization and various practices.

Also, the Surrender Experiment cannot be taken separately from the fact that it was done alongside Michael Singer meditating daily. He put himself in a state of peace on a regular basis. Naturally, anything he attracts will be imbued with this vibration.

In conclusion, embracing the surrender experiment means trusting in the flow of life, surrendering personal preferences, and being open to the opportunities that arise. It’s about discerning between true service and servitude, and understanding that true energy comes from within. By aligning with the flow of life and maintaining a state of peace, we can attract opportunities that resonate with our true selves.

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