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Easy and Effective Karma Clearing Step by Step

Karma Clearing: Karma is a concept so mysterious and so misused (for example, to stave people off of aggression and to make them more obedient) that practically every religion on Earth has made use of it. It is often portrayed as the concept of sin and punishment. Not only has religion made use of the misinterpretation of karma, but also its religious misinterpretation was further integrated in the secular view of societal organization, following the time of King James II, who fled in exile to France. At that time philosopher John Locke tried to covertly help reinstall him on the throne by introducing his Two Treatises on Government (1689).

These treaties, based on the ten commandments of the Bible offered a plausible transference of power from religion to the secular institutions.

Now back to the topic of karma clearing!

First of all, what is karma?

I would like to oversimplify this concept. The simpler it is – the easier, you will be able to clear your karma.

Karma in the biblical sense is indeed sin. ‚Sin‘ in Latin means without. In a spiritual sense – it is acting and thinking outside of the energy of God. When you are acting outside of the Divine providence, you are creating karma. There are, of course, universal ethical rules, which represent natural human ethics. 

On a personal level you create karma when you are acting in conflict with your personal values and your individual path, in conflict with your purpose in life.

Most often than not, we carry karma from early childhood and even from past lives. You no longer have to do past life regressions to clear your karma. I have developed a stepped process based on an energy-information system for future personal development.

Start off by checking my videos What is Karma? and  Tool to Remove Karma. Here’s the outline for Karma clearing:

How to Recognize Karma:

  1. You have bad habits such as dependencies, being late, being aggressive to the ones you love. The habit seems stronger than you. You feel you cannot do anything to change it – you have karma to clear!
  2. Repeating unpleasant situations – you take the victim role. For example, you become a victim of robbers, liars, bad partners, lying business partners, you get constantly fired, you get into accidents. It can be that your karma is reflected on the members of your family and not you but your child, or another family member constantly gets sick, or your husband constantly looses money etc. – you have some karma to clear!
karma clearing
  1. Experience Repeating situations and repeatedly encounter similar, or the same people, whereby events play out in a similar (negative) way – you have some karma to clear!
  2. You experience circumstances that are uncommon for your life situation and prevent you from executing your goal. You get sick from something that has nothing to do with your age, social status, way of life  – for example chicken pox,  when you are older and have not been in contact with kids. Next, it cannot be cured fast – you have to let the situation play out. You have karma to clear!

Signs you have some karma to clear

  • The karmic events are unpleasant.
  • The karmic events are always systematized. There is a common element.
  • The more we try to solve the situation with force, the worse the karmic situation becomes.
  • The person, affected by karma is unable to benefit from the help of others in this area of life.
  • The karmic events are always connected to the social isolation of the person.
  • The karmic events make the consciousness of the person spin in a circle and not move forward.
  • Dropping of the energy level and disruption of the energy-information structures – it goes alongside with the feeling of guilt.

Note: No affirmations, no calling for your will, not logics, nor calling your consciousness can change the behaviour, dictated by karma!

Effective Karma Clearing

Short step-by-step method for karma clearing:

Step 1: Analyze your life with respect to each of your basic needs. You may use the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. For example, if in your childhood you have heard of someone being hurt because of money, you may have associated money to safety, so you reject money, in order to stay safe. You have created karma with money.

Clearing Karma

To remove karma you do not need need to know the concrete reason – all you want to do is to DISCOVER THE CONCRETE ENERGY INFORMATION STRUCTURES associated with it.

Step 2: Creating an integral feeling of the karmic scenario (discover the IP of the energy-information structure)

Play out the karmic situation through your feelings. Play the situation again and again, spin it. Spin it so fast that the words separate from the feelings. Now this feeling is filling you completely – you have an integral feeling of your situation. Now we have to locate it in space. We need the exact IP address, so we can remove the energy information structure very precisely from its exact place.

Step 3. Separation of the karmic structure

Enter you ideal pattern state, or alpha level. Call in with you consciousness the integral feeling of the karmic situation – its IP address. Take it with your ethereal hands and separate it from your body. Increase the upward energy flow and imagine the karmic construction is burned. Burry it deep underground, so deep that your hand should feel as if it is sucked into the abyss. Fill the whole body with energy of both the upward and the downward energy flows. The whole should be filled with energy.

Without coming out of alpha level – your ideal pattern state, continue to correcting the field structure!

Step 4: Replace the field structure with a new one

For example if the karmic situation has caused you to break up – create a scenario, where you actually got married – use your imagination to the fullest and YOUR EMOTIONS (also plug in your senses – hearing, smell, tactile contact etc.)

The behavioural problem can now easily be changed – PLAY out your desired behaviour with images and feeling and integrate it in your energy field.

Karma clearing in love relationships

I teach the full stepped method for clearing karma in my webinar Clear Your Karma Blocks. In it I explain the essence of this energy-information system for personal development (allegedly developed by the KGB in the 80’s).  You will learn the details of how to control the two main energy flows in your body that control your chakras, your health, and your wealth. By practising the control over the two main energy flows, you will remove karma overtime, naturally. This tool for karma removal is designed to give immediate results. The manifestation of the change in your energy structure can happen instantaneously, or envelop over time.

Definition of karmaKarma in the biblical sense is indeed sin. When you are acting outside of the Divine providence, you are creating karma.
Recognizing KarmaHaving bad habits, repeating unpleasant situations or experiencing circumstances that are uncommon for your life can mean you have bad karma.
Methods of cleaningAnalyzing your life with respect to each other of your basic needs can help cleaning your karma.
Take a new actionSlow down enough to notice if your old ways of doing things aren’t benefiting you anymore. If they’re not, it’s time to modify your behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karma?

Karma roughly translates to “action” and it is a core concept in some eastern religions.

How to clean Karma?

You can clean your karma with practices such as  contemplation and by letting go of limited desires.

How do I know what my karma is?

To find out what your karma is, all you have to do is live and wait. Whatever happens in your life, good or bad, happens because of karma.

How does karma work?

Every action, whether physical, mental or emotional, causes an emission of karma, which will bear fruit at some point.

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