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Do You Still Believe Weight-Loss is an Impossible Feat?

Have you tried it all? Do you still have your one sack (and not your eight pack)? Well, if you are reading this – there is hope, because YOU yourself have some hope left. This means deep down you believe it is possible for you to lose weight.

This is the first major milestone in your weight-loss journey

  • Weight-loss with the Silva method

Those of you, who have read my articles on the Silva method (check out my course The Healnlearn Method, based on the Silva Method) know that there is a way – a mind-emotional-sensation method to programme desired outcomes. This is the decode of the modern term ‘Manifestation’. With the Silva method one can programme situations, relationships, and one’s own emotional relation to people and events.

So, by extrapolating what we know about the Silva method’s possibilities, we can safely conclude weight-loss is possible with the Silva method. This is, however, not merely a theoretical conclusion but also a facto-logical one. In his books Jose Silva shares real stories about people who have used the three-scene technique method to lose as much as eight to fifteen kilos a month (17-33 pounds). I explain this process in my video Lose Weight Fast with the Silva Method | Program Yourself in 5 Minutes. This process of weight-loss slightly resembles the manifestation trick to hang a picture of the slim version of you, or of another person that stimulates you to lose weight. This can however backfire, if you do not observe:

The principles of manifestation for losing weight:

1.      Losing weight should be a priority goal for you.

2.      You need to really want it. If you want to do it by the way, among a hundred other priorities, you will not have the focus to execute it.

3.      You ought to believe you can achieve it. A tiny belief will do at first, and it will grow as you start seeing the results.

4.      At least one other person, the society at large, or the world has to benefit from you losing weight. For example, your weight-loss will likely result in you having more energy and being more positive to your family, clients etc. Make it concrete in your imagination – who exactly will benefit?

5.      You losing weight should not harm anyone. It took a while for me to think of an example of how you losing weight can be harmful to anyone. And then I remembered a talk to my colleague on Healnlearn Laimei Yeung, who offers courses on Dealing with Emotional Eating based on RTT – Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

Beware that losing weight can be unhealthy priority, driven by emotional disbalances. Before you begin your weight-loss journey, make sure you actually physically need to lose weight. Ask your closest people for an honest opinion on your weight.

Food and Exercise

You can approach your weight loss journey from multiple perspectives – you can start with your mind, with your emotions, or with the hard things in life 😊 – from the food and from actually moving your body. Wherever you start from, it will influence the other aspects of your being.

If you use the Silva method to lose weight – the image combined with the emotional charge you create will transform your body without a noticeable change in your diet, or exercise.

If you start doing the RTT method to lose weight – your emotional attachment to food will change, and you will naturally change your eating habits.

Weight loss 2

If you manage to change your eating habits and start exercising to lose weight – our emotional situation and mental state will also change. This change in habits sends a signal to yourself and others that you care about yourself and respect yourself.

Check the nutritional courses and consultations of Anat Steingold – who offers a very unique way of nutrition and weight-loss based on your blood type and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

From my personal observation of people, who have a bit more ‘meat’ on them, and from my experience of putting 30 kg on top when I was pregnant (and losing this weight afterwards), I can quite confidently state:

1. People, who are prone to putting on a lot of weight do it for emotional protection – it represents a sort of cushion to the outside world. Once the perception of a threat is eliminated, or the emotional relation to the threat is severed – one loses weight

2.  People who take care of other people and do not see themselves as a priority are very prone to weight gain – mothers of children, or people, who “mother” other people.

3.  People, who associate food with safety, or with a reward. Search for these associations in your early childhood.

Other people have managed to lose weight and to transform their bodies and emotions – why can’t YOU? Keep in mind – your image of yourself will affect your entire life. If you feel losing weight is important to you, get in touch with one of our expert trainers:


What do you think the most effective approach is to losing weight?

There is no one size fits all approach. Some people are more inclined to follow a plan and a structure. If you feel you are this type of a person, a nutrition plan specifically designed for you, is probably the most appropriate approach. 

If you already have some experience with hypnotherapy, and have dipped your toe in the new sciences of the mind – such as the Silva method, or the methods taught by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza, then the Silva method could be your trump card in the weight-loss game.

What if I don’t believe at all that I can lose weight?

Well, do you at least want to reduce your weight? The effectiveness of your situation programming will mostly depend on the mathematical product of your belief and your desire to achieve something. If your belief is a total zero – you will not want it either. However, if your belief is 0,1 – you have a chance to want to do something about your body weight.

How is this an important topic on the face of everything else going on in the world today?

Your number one priority should always be for you to be well and healthy. If you are not, you cannot contribute effectively to any worthwhile cause. I advise you not to allow world events to distract you from keeping a healthy body shape. On the contrary, keep in shape, heal your emotions and strengthen your mind to be prepared for any adverse worldly developments. This is not a word of fear but a word of courage – your power is also in your body!

Anat Steinglod – Nutrition Coach and TCM expert

Laimei Yeung – Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Zorina Dimitrova for the Silva method

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