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Digital Detox Retreat in Bulgaria

5-Day Retreat in the Valley of Roses

Year after year we engage more and more with technology. Our babies watch baby movies suited for 0+ years of age. Our children learn online, we work remotely, we interact with our parents mostly through a digital screen.

The normality of holding a device has turned into a protective shield for us to see the real world around us. We have become accustomed to interacting through this shield rather than with the natural divine world.

Unfortunately, this unnatural interaction coupled with the puddle of frequency bands we bathe in, carries a whole array of health issues with it – from physical, to mental. 

While we cannot forgo the use of technology altogether, we can do it for a period of time – to detox, to rejuvenate, to restart with new energy for life. 

For the past two years pandemic restrictions had their say in escalating the digital detox problem.

As a company you are already seeing productivity issues and general work drop-out termed THE GREAT RESIGNATION.

As self-employed, you are likely seeing a drop in motivation and creativity.

Take a breath, take a bath in the spas of Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is home to 140 types of mineral water (that can cure almost anything). Remnants from Roman baths all over the territory of Bulgaria show the historical tradition of balneotherapy in these lands.

Digital detox involves healing on a number of levels. The healing waters of Bulgaria are one level of physical purification. But there are also other levels, such as mental and energetic digital detox through experiential healing.  

This is where you completely detach from your current lifestyle and submerge yourself in a different environment for a few days without interacting with the digital world.

We will take you on a journey through the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria with delicious experiences.

Embraced in the skirts of Stara Planina (The Old Mountain) and Sredna Gora (The Middle Forest/Mountain) is the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. This culmination of beauty in nature hosts the production of 80% of the world’s rose oil. The valley is covered in rose (and lavender) fields that blossom for a period of 2 weeks around the end of May each year.

Duration: 5 days, 5 nights

When: 1st-5th Jun 2022

Place of Stay: Hissar, Bulgaria – the home of spa waters


Duration: 5 days, 5 nights

When: 1st-5th Jun 2022

Place of Stay: Hissar, Bulgaria – the home of spa waters

Day 1: 1st Jun 2022

  • Arrival and check in
  • Welcoming dinner and introduction

Day 2: 2nd Jun 2022

  • Breathwork
  • Visit to the Thracian temple complex close to the village of Starosel
  • Lunch and relax at: Complex for wine and spa tourism Starosel (https://www.starosel.com/)
  • Groupwork in intention setting with the Silva Method with Zorina (more info on www.healnlearn.com)

Day 3: 3rd Jun 2022

  • Talking to Nature and Arts Therapy with Ogi (more info on https://www.ogikaram.com/)
  • Visit to the Old town of Karlovo for the celebrations of the Rose Festival
  • Spa and relax

Day 4: 4th Jun 2022

  • Visit to The Thracian cult complexes “Three Kings” near the town of Kazanlak: 
  • Spa and other digital detox techniques

Day 5: 5th Jun 2022

  • Visit to the town of Kazanlyk for the crowning of the queen of roses – the culmination of the Rose Festival
  • Visit of the Rose Distillery Rosa Damascena near Kazanlak 

Day 6: 

Take aways and Departure

Booking an Additional Consultation with the Trainers:

  • Bookings available with Zorina on coaching with the Silva method and a Russian system for energy-information future development
  • Bookings available with Ogi – life, creative and career consultations

*** The additional (out of package) bookings for consultations with Zorina and Ogi can also be paid for in the following cryptocurrencies: Etherium, Aeternity

  • Bookings available for astrology readings, breathwork, reiki and energy clearings and life coaching with additional trainers

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Zorina Dimitrova 

Ogi Karam

This project started with a talk on 12.12.21.

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