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The Purpose Grail – Recorded Course based on Silva


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ways to find you purpose


The Purpose Grail: Recorded Classes based on the Silva Method to Discover and Live Your Purpose!

You will be able to follow this course at your own pace. It is a compilation of my other recorded courses that specifically fits the topic of FINDING YOUR PURPOSE from a holistic perspective.
I am also offering a Live Group Q&A session on all topics: date to be sent to you per email.

Content Topics:

The Purpose Grail Pack from ‘Start a Business with Meaning’ (Modules 4 through 6) and selected recording from the course “The Other 96%”

1. Find your inner balance and gain confidence to start a business

• The link between self-image and results
• Self-image: how is it formed
• How to gain confidence by improving your self-image
• Public speaking as a reflection of confidence
• NLP Meditation for confidence
• How to think to control your emotions?
• How to stay in a balanced state of mind

2. Creating your life book in 1 session – gain clarity on the 12 main aspects of your life.

• The 12 areas of life and astrology
• Overview of Beliefs|Vision|Purpose|Strategy
• How to design your own life book and influence areas of your life

3. How to identify the sweet spot between your passions and your skills

• What is purpose? Money and Purpose
• Talent Directions/ Divine Beams
• Exercises to find our talent
• Exercise to find your mission/ Idea
• Analytical method to find your purpose
• Meditation to find your purpose

4. Silva Method Introduction

5. Silva Method Manifestation

6. Silva Method Working With your Council

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Hello there, this is Zorina – a trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!


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“I'm so glad I've met you, I'm sure you're one of my journey teachers, Your work gives a lot of added value, You've definitely found your purpose :) I'm sure we'll continue to meet down the road.”