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The Healnlearn Method for Trainers

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The Healnlearn Method is a method for life transformation of all areas of life.

I have developed it on the basis of Silva method Mastermind groups and have enriched it throughout my practice with elements of psychology and energy-information work.

With the Healnlearn method you will learn and YOU will be able to teach:

  • Manifestation
  • Intuition and Premonition
  • Energy Healing
  • Trauma Healing
  • Situation Programming
  • Relationship Programming
  • Dream Control
  • Discovering Purpose and Meaning in Life
  • Discovering Hidden Information and Improving Memory

Next to the Silva method, you will learn important elements of a Russian (governmentally developed) programme for energy-information control. This programme will give you the knowledge and tools to:

  • Remove karma and programming
  • Install new programmes of success and prosperity in your energy-information field
  • Influence others to achieve your worthwhile goals (through your physiology, psychology and energy)

The Healnlearn Trainer programme includes 7 sessions with one session a week.

Class length is between 1:15-2:00 hours depending on the topic and the number of participants.

You will receive teaching materials to help you with the preparation of your lectures. During the training you will have full email access to me, where I will answer your questions and  support you in your practice.

The last session „What next? Q&A session“, in which we will talk about practical aspects of being a trainer.

Healnlearn Method Trainer Attest to be issued upon completion of the course.

Start Date: to be announced. Please email me, if you want to purchase the recorded course.

Time: Saturdays at 7pm CET for the duration of the course. Classes are recorded.

As a Bonus you can join for free my course: The Healnlearn Method and experience the benefits yourself, as well as see how group facilitation can be done.

For questions, email me on zorina.dimitrova@healnlearn.com

Note: This course is currently only available as a recorded course. For details on the next dates for the live course, use the Contact Us Form.

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Hello there, this is Zorina – a trainer and facilitator in manifestation, purpose, success mindset and health – all interdependent!

 479.00 990.00