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Secrets to Weight-loss. Ongoing Starting Dates.


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Secrets to Weight-loss. Ongoing Starting Dates.


The programme Secrets to Weight-loss. Nutrition in the Age of Awakening

This program will teach you how to be the master and the expert of your body and health.
without being dependent on anyone else. I will teach you how to identify the foods that are good for you and how to combine them properly together in a healthy way.
This will enable you to lose weight and recover from various diseases caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body.

What you will learn:

– How food combination impacts your weight and health
– How to identify the right type of foods for YOU and to play with the combinations
– What your body’s needs, weaknesses and strength – so you can master your body!
– How to lose weight, maintain the right weight, as a way of living- with no struggle!
– How to heal yourself from any disease, or discomfort.


– Master your health mentally and emotionally
– New way of living and leading your health and weight
– List of beneficial foods you can choose from based on your blood type
– Knowing the right food combination as a way of living, so you can be your own master and nutritionist!
Watch the Programme introduction webinar:

The starting date is ongoing. The course starts on Sundays at 7pm CET, 6pm UK, 1pm EST, 9am PST

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Anat Steingold is a holistic health expert and a TCM expert (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She can help you strengthen Your Body and Mind to increase your immunity and your overall quality of life. Next to this, she is an expert