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PIPP: Pro Immune Power Programme


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Pro Immune Power Programme: Your Start into holistic health

Starting Date: to be announced. Email office@healnlearn.com for more details.

8 Video Calls 8 Topics:

What you will learn:

– The six columns of holistic health
– How mind and psyche can weaken or strengthen your immune system
– That a Mindset-Check is your most important protective shield against germs
– That positive emotions are key for strong immunity
– That fear leads to a negative stress reaction in your body
– How negative stress weakens your immune system and how you can change it
– Methods and tips to implement lasting improvement

How you will benefit:

– You will gain knowledge about what really matters to stay healthy
– Expert Know How apart from mainstream
– You will learn how to realize and change negative thinking habits
– How to strengthen your health by your own means, to be protected against germs
– You’ll receive methods and instructions for improved health and wellbeing to implement into your life


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